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University Catalog 2012-2013 
University Catalog 2012-2013 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Education: Option in Bilingual/Multicultural Education in the Urban Classroom, M.A.

 The Master of Arts degree in Education with an Option in Bilingual/Multicultural Education in the Urban Classroom offers candidates the opportunity to develop the necessary knowledge and skills to meet the needs of children in urban schools particularly those children who are English language learners. It also offers candidates the opportunity to select courses that are specifically designed to combine theory and research with practical classroom application for use in bilingual, dual language, and cross cultural settings. This option requires a minimum of 45 units.

Admission to the Program

For admission to the program, applicants must:

(1) Meet the university requirements for admission to graduate study,
(2) Have a 2.75 or higher grade point average in their last 90 quarter (or 60 semester) units attempted,
(3) Have completed EDEL 405 or EDSE 430, or equivalent,
(4) Have consulted with a faculty adviser.

Students are encouraged to complete a valid teaching credential issued by California or any state by the end of this program.

Requirements for the Degree (45 units)

A minimum of 45 units is required, including at least 23 in 500-level courses. Students must pass a comprehensive examination.There is a limit on credit that may be earned in variable-unit courses. See Restrictions on Credit Earned in Variable Unit courses in the Charter College of Education  section in the Academic Programs: College-based and University-wide chapter in the catalog.

Bilingual/Multicultural Education in the URBAN Classroom Option Requirement (33 Units)

Comprehensive Examination (0 units)