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University Catalog 2013-2014 
University Catalog 2013-2014 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

English, B.A.

Students pursuing the Bachelor of Arts degree in English select one of two program options. The General option is intended for those pursuing a liberal arts education with special emphasis on literature and composition; and the Single Subject Teaching option is designed for students interested in a career in education.

Students majoring in English must obtain advisement prior to or during their initial quarter of major coursework. Those majoring in English are urged to acquire command of at least one foreign language as part of their program.

The total number of units required for the Bachelor of Arts degree in English is 180 units, of which 80-90 units are in the major depending on the option selected. Consult with an advisor for the specific number of units required in all areas of the degree including GE and free electives.

Requirements for the Major (80 to 90 units)

The General option requires a total of 80 units. The Single Subject Teaching option requires a total of 90 units.

General Option (80 units)

In addition to the 24 units in the common core, students must complete the following 56 units:

I. Upper-Division Required Courses (44 units)

British Literature: (16 units)

Select four 400-level courses in British Literature from the following, with at least two in pre-1800 literature:

II. Electives (12 units)

Electives (12 units)

Select three 300- or 400-level ENGL courses excluding GE theme courses. With adviser approval, one 200-level course may be included.

Single Subject Teaching Option (90 units)

Refer to the Charter College of Education  for regulations governing all teaching credential programs.

In addition to the 24 units in the common core, students must complete the following: (66 units)

I. Lower-division required course (4 units):

American Literature (12 units)

Linguistics (8 units)

III. Extended Studies (20 units)

Select one of the following six areas for extended study. Any classes used to meet the Single Subject Teaching option requirements listed above may not be double counted in the extended study areas.

1. Literature and Textual Analysis (20 units)

Select one or two upper- division courses from each of the following three categories (20 units):

2. The Literature of Diversity (20 units)

Select five courses from at least three of the following categories (20 units):

3. Expository Writing and Language (20 units)

4. Creative Writing (20 units)


Four units of ENGL 499  independent study may be included with advisor approval.