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University Catalog 2023-2024 
University Catalog 2023-2024 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Undergraduate Certificate in Natural Science

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The Natural Science Program offers a Certificate in Science to enhance the knowledge, effectiveness, and career opportunities of persons who plan to interact in a professional capacity with scientific issues and/or stakeholders in those issues, as well as persons seeking personal enrichment through a stronger understanding of the fundamentals of science in an increasingly scientific and technological society. The Certificate in Science provides a broad, fundamental understanding of science in the context of everyday life - What is science? How is it done, and who decides how to do it? What is the science of current societal issues?

The Certificate in Science is an interdisciplinary course of study that provides a basic scientific understanding of the natural (physical) world, including fundamental scientific concepts such as cause-and-effect and other basic principles used to explain natural phenomena, as well as the processes by which scientists investigate the natural world and the processes by which societies and governments undertake the scientific enterprise. In addition, the program examines the application of scientific and technological advances in addressing contemporary, real world issues (e.g., global climate change, genetically modified organisms, etc.) of significant interest to the general public.

Professionals working in fields impacted by issues of science and technology include:

•    attorneys
•    environmentalists
•    informal science educators
•    journalists
•    lobbyists
•    politicians
•    writers
•    others professionals without extensive training in science who engage with scientific issues

There are no prerequisites in the Certificate in Science program, and although primarily intended for persons without extensive background and training in STEM fields, admissions are open to students of all majors. The Certificate in Science requires a total of 12 units.

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