Jun 13, 2024  
University Catalog 2023-2024 
University Catalog 2023-2024 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Psychology, B.A.

Location(s): Main Campus

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology is both a preparation for advanced study and a terminal liberal arts degree.

The total number of units required for the Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology is 120 units, of which 50-51 units are in the major depending on the courses selected. 

Students interested in Early Childhood Education should take 2 courses from Group I, and PSY 3430  and PSY 4210  (12 units).

Students interested in Applied Behavior Analysis should take PSY 3950 , PSY 4170 , PSY 4210 , PSY 4280 , PSY 4400 , and PSY 4770  (18 units).


Admission Criteria Learning Outcomes Roadmap (2021)   

Requirements for the Major (50 - 51 units)

The major requires a lower division core of 9 units, an upper division core of 17-18 units and 24 units of electives from designated categories as explained below.  All Psychology majors must receive a grade of C- or higher in all psychology courses.

Upper Division Core Courses (17-18 units)

Upper Division Electives (24 units)

Select two courses each from Groups I-IV (24 units). In addition to the 3 units required from Group VI in the core requirements, an additional three (3) units from Group VI may be taken and substituted for one elective course. An additional course from Group V may be taken and substituted for one elective course.