Feb 25, 2024  
University Catalog 2023-2024 
University Catalog 2023-2024

Healthcare Management, M.S.

Location(s): Main Campus

The Master of Science degree in Healthcare Management enables people presently or previously employed in healthcare to develop the necessary managerial skills and awareness of recent innovations and reforms in order to fulfill the responsibilities of management positions in the industry. The program’s unique interdisciplinary character permits students to explore diverse perspectives on healthcare management and integrate knowledge from many disciplines.

Admission to the Program

When applying to the program, applicants shall follow the University requirements for their year of admission and would also be expected to provide:

  1. A transcript of an accredited undergraduate degree documenting a cumulative GPA of at least 2.75.
  2. A résumé that documents one year or more of healthcare work experience.
  3. A statement of purpose and commitment, elaborating why the applicant is pursuing the degree and should be admitted and how the applicant is planning to align their career and degree objectives.
  4. Two letters of recommendation, preferably from persons who have supervised the applicant’s work in a healthcare setting.  

Applicants should apply to the University and the M.S. Healthcare Management program at the same time.

Learning Outcomes Roadmap (2021)   

Requirements for the Degree (36 units)

A total of 36 units is required, with at least 30 units in 5000-level courses. Students must fulfill all University requirements for graduation.