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University Catalog 2023-2024 
University Catalog 2023-2024 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

General Education Lower Division Courses

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Students following the Fall 2020 or earlier GE Catalog should refer to the 2020-2021 Catalog.   The current GE Catalog reflects updates effective Fall 2021.
  • General Education (GE) requirements must add up to at least 48-semester units - 39 Lower Division and 9 Upper Division units.
  • An Introduction to Higher Education course  (IHE) is required of all first-time freshmen.
  • A minimum C- grade in A1, A2, A3, and B4 classes is required. This does not apply to meet the prerequisite for courses that require these courses to be completed with a grade of C or better.   
  • A minimum C grade average in general education is required of all students following the Fall 2016 or later catalog.
  • Civic Learning/Community Engagement Requirement  (cl)  - a total of 6 semester units, 3-semester units will be fulfilled by completing the IHE course. One (cl) course must be completed at the upper-division general education level. These courses are designated as (cl) before the course listing.
  • Diversity Requirement  (d) or (re) - a total of 6-semester units; students must complete one race/ethnicity (re) course and one diversity(d) course or another race/ethnicity (re) course. These courses are designated as (re) or (d) before the course listing.
  • Writing Intensive Requirement  (wi) - a total of 6-semester units; students must complete two writing-intensive (wi) courses, with at least one in their major. These courses are designated as (wi) before the course listing.
  • For all students following the Fall 2021 or later Catalog, 3 units of Ethnic Studies is required and can only be satisfied with approved Block F courses (no substitutions).


A1 Oral Communication
A2 Written Communication
A3 Critical Thinking and Composition
B1 Physical Science
B2 Biological Science
B3 Interdisciplinary Physical/Biological Science
B4 Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning
C1 Arts
C2 Humanities


American Institutions (6 units)

Take one course in each subarea: (1) U.S. History,  (2) U.S. Constitutional and State/Local Government

Block A - English Language Communication & Critical Thinking (9 units)

Take one course in each subarea: A1, A2, A3.

Block B - Natural Science & Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning (9 units)

Take one Course in each subareas: B1, B2, B4.  B3 course can be taken in place of either B1 or B2, but not both.

Block C - Arts & Humanities (6 units)

Take one course in each subarea: C1, C2.

C1 Arts

C2 Humanities

Block D - Social Sciences (3 units)

Take one course from the list.

Block E - Lifelong Understanding & Self-Development (3 units)

Take one course from the list.

Block F - Ethnic Studies (3 units)


The following courses satisfy lower division Block F, even if they are upper division.  Note that all of the following courses satisfy Block F - Ethnic Studies, and many of these courses are approved to satisfy a different GE Area. Such courses cannot be used to meet Block F and another GE requirement, but can meet either Block F or another GE requirement.  The first set of courses listed will satisfy Block F by default.  Please see an advisor if you need the course to satisfy a different area of GE.  The second list of courses satisfy Block F but not automatically as they satisfy another area of GE by default.  Again, please see an advisor if you prefer to use the course to satisfy Block F.  Only courses listed in these two lists can satisfy Block F as there are no substitutions or waivers.

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