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University Catalog 2021-2022 
University Catalog 2021-2022 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Minor in Law and Society

The Minor in Law and Society is designed for students majoring in other fields who wish to study how social forces influence the legal system and how the law affects society from a sociological perspective. The minor helps prepare students for a wide variety of law-related careers and professional programs.

Requirements for the Minor (21 units)

Lower Division Required Course (3 units)

Upper Division Required Course (3 units)

Field Experience and Independent Study Opportunities

Directed study (SOC 4990 ) allows students to expand on their special interests in law and society. A directed study is usually in an area that the department’s normal course offerings do not cover. Students meet regularly with their faculty supervisor and earn 1 to 3 units of credit and up to 6 units if the course is repeated. Individual research projects may involve library or field research.

Internship Opportunities

Students can earn up to 3 units in a directed internship program (SOC 3980  or SOC 4980 ) or through the Sociology Internships and Service Learning SOC 4050  class by arranging a work agreement with an approved agency (such as a government agency, business, or citizen group) and the Law and Society Adviser the semester before enrolling in the course.