Jun 21, 2021  
University Catalog 2011-2012 (“PRINTED”) 
University Catalog 2011-2012 (“PRINTED”) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Business Administration, M.S.

This is a specialized degree program that allows concentration and research in one of the following options: Finance, International Business, Management, and Marketing.

Admission to the Program

Students must fulfill University requirements for admission to graduate study and must submit a separate graduate program application to the College of Business and Economics. The college admits applicants based on a comprehensive review of their prior education, work experience, GMAT scores, and letters of recommendation. Those without an undergraduate degree in business are required to complete 24 units of Foundations of Business courses listed below for admission to classified graduate standing for the M.S. degree in Business Administration.

Students can satisfy the 24-unit requirement by completing the courses listed below or by submitting transcripts demonstrating that they have successfully completed the equivalent subject material either at the undergraduate or graduate level. In addition, students must demonstrate competence in statistics and the use of computers. Students can satisfy the competence requirement by successfully passing competence exams in each area or by submitting transcripts showing that they have satisfactorily completed the subject matter at either the undergraduate or graduate level.


In addition to completing the 24-quarter units of acceptable basic business courses listed above, applicants must have an approved graduate degree program on file in the College of Business and Economics Advisement Center.

Requirements for the Degree (45 units)

A total of 45 units is required, with at least 41 units in 500-level courses.

Thesis (5 units)

Options (24 additional units)

Options are available in Finance, International Business, Management, and Marketing. All departmental and program information will be found in the corresponding section in Academic Programs .