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University Catalog 2020-2021 
University Catalog 2020-2021 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Multiple Subject Clear/Induction Credential Program

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Notice to Students RE: Professional Licensure and Certification 

The Multiple Subject Clear/Induction Credential Program is designed to provide an option for teachers to clear their preliminary credentials through a university induction program. The clear/induction program provides a two-year, individualized, job-embedded system of mentoring, support and professional learning that begins in the teacher’s first year of teaching. It allows teachers to meet the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) requirements for a Clear Credential.

Requirements for Admission to the Program:

  • Must meet eligibility requirements for admission to post-baccalaureate or graduate study at Cal State LA via completion of application procedures.
  • Good academic standing
  • Must hold a current/valid California Preliminary Multiple Subject Teaching Credential

Note: The CTC allows for an Early Completion Pathway for those teachers who are experienced and exceptional. Candidates can be considered for this pathway if they:

  • Are currently teaching with a current/valid California Preliminary Mutliple Subject Teaching Credential
  • Have supporting letters from site administrators that they have met the following criteria:
  • A minimum of two full years of successful teaching experience or earned their preliminary credential through an accredited alternative certification program (e.g., intern), or
  • Completed one year of Beginning Teacher Support (BTSA) Induction and wish to complete induction at Cal State LA in order to meet specific individual and workplace needs and build on their individual strengths.

Program Requirements

  • In addition to meeting the above admission requirements, candidates are responsible for meeting all CTC requirements and the required courses below:

Required Courses (24 Units)

EDCI  / EDSP 5096 - Development of Induction Plan (also listed as EDCI 5096) (3)  ; repeatable for a maximum of 9 units during semesters 1, 2, and 3

EDCI  / EDSP 5097 - Assessment of Induction (also listed as EDCI 5097) (3)  - to be taken during semester 4

To meet the Participating Teacher’s long-term professional goals, courses selected by the Participating Teacher and School Mentor will be based on the Participating Teacher’s prior knowledge, experiences, interests, and needs. Key courses from master’s degree programs might serve the Participating Teacher well. Some courses might include, but are not limited to, advanced reading courses, advanced pedagogy courses, courses in STEM teaching, courses in bilingual and multicultural education, courses in Math and Science, and courses related to working with English Learners and students with disabilities.  If the Participating Teacher chooses, these advanced courses could also be accepted as part of a MA for those seeking an advanced degree.

        The following CCOE programs lend themselves to a combined Induction and a M.A. degree.  An example of a program option with a corresponding course is provided for each M.A. degree:

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