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University Catalog 2020-2021 
University Catalog 2020-2021 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Special Major, Bachelor’s Degree

Special Major for the Bachelor’s Degree

The Bachelor’s degree with a Special Major allows selected students an opportunity to pursue individualized programs of study if their academic and professional goals cannot be met through existing degree programs, or combinations of programs (i.e., majors, minors, etc.), at CSULA or other CSU campuses. The Special Major consists of a program of study in two or more disciplines developed in consultation with faculty members from the respective departments.

The Special Major is not a means of bypassing normal graduation requirements nor does it provide an alternative means of graduating for students who have failed to complete requirements in a previously designated major. Students must apply for the Special Major when they have at least one full year (30) units of academic work remaining to complete minimum requirements for a bachelor’s degree. Special Major programs are considered on a case-by-case basis; approval is determined on the basis of academic merit of the proposed program, rationale, and the student’s potential for successful completion of the proposed program.


  • A minimum 2.50 grade point average is required.
  • Applicants must have no more than 94 units earned that are applicable toward another degree program by the end of the quarter in which the application for the Special Major is submitted.
  • A total of 120 units are required for the BA/BS degree with a Special Major. A minimum of 47 semester units, of which at least 40 must be upper division, must be included in the Special Major program.
  • Neither lower nor upper division courses taken to satisfy general education requirements may be counted toward fulfillment of minimum requirements for the Special Major.
  • All programs must include an upper division writing requirement, selected with adviser’s approval, from one of the approved upper division writing courses from one of the disciplines in the Special Major program.
  • A principal adviser must be selected from one of the disciplines proposed for the Special Major program.


  • Prepare an Application obtained from the Office of Undergraduate Studies.
  • Prepare a concise statement of the academic and professional goals you seek through a Special Major, indicating why these goals cannot be met through related existing degree programs and prepare a preliminary list of courses in the two or three departments that represent the kind of program appropriate to your goals.
  • Submit the Preliminary Application to the Office of Undergraduate Studies for review and approval for development of the Special Major. Upon approval, an Application for Special Major for Bachelor’s Degree will be provided to you. A faculty committee composed of a faculty member from each department on the proposed program may be recommended by the Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies to guide you in the development of your Special Major program.
  • Discuss your statement and proposed list of courses with advisers in each of the specific departments that comprise your Special Major. With the assistance of your departmental advisers, determine the courses that will become part of your final program. Obtain the signatures of departmental advisers and department chair for each area of study. Their signatures indicate that they have reviewed and approved the proposed course of study. A principal adviser must be selected from one of the disciplines proposed for the Special Major Program.
  • Obtain the signature of the college associate dean for each of the departmental course areas listed on your program and submit the completed application to the Office of Undergraduate Studies for university-level approval.
  • Upon University approval, the application will be sent to you and to each department listed on your program. A Change of Major Form will also be sent to you with instructions to change your major to the official title listed on your approved program. Be advised that pending final approval of your Special Major program, you proceed with projected course work at your risk.

Further information is available from the Office of Undergraduate Studies, Administration 725.