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Semester Catalog 2020-2021 
Semester Catalog 2020-2021

Music, B.M.

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Program Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of the Bachelor of Music, students will demonstrate the following at a professional entry level:

  1. Musicianship, technique and artistry appropriate to the major area.
  2. The ability to form and defend value judgments about music.
  3. A broad knowledge of repertoire and the ability to perform and/or apply that knowledge in the major area.
  4. Leadership and collaboration skills on matters of musical performance and interpretation.
  5. An understanding of procedures for realizing and communicating a variety of musical styles and structures in their historical and cultural contexts.
  6. An understanding of the role of music in society through performance and/or critical analysis.

The program offers five options:

  • Option I - Composition -  this option prepares students in music composition. Students must successfully complete a BM Senior Recital (MUS 4400  ).
  • Option II - Jazz Studies - this option prepares students in jazz performance production, composition, recording, and conducting. Students must successfully complete a BM Junior Recital (MUS 3400  ) and a BM Senior Recital (MUS 4400 ) .
  • Option III - Performance - this option prepares instrumentalists, pianists, and vocalists for professional careers in entertainment and the arts. Performance majors train in a wide variety of genres and styles to prepare for careers as soloists, ensemble musicians, teaching artists in the schools, arts organization members, indie artists, entrepreneurs, and leaders in the field of performance. Prior to graduation, students prepare and successfully perform a 30-minute BM Junior Recital (MUS 3400  ) and a 50-minute BM Senior recital (MUS 4400 ).
  • Option IV - Music Education - this option which prepares students for careers in Vocal/Choral and Instrumental teaching. Prior to graduation, students prepare and successfully perform a 50-minute Senior Recital (MUS 4400  ).  

Single Subject Credential Requirement: In addition to this option, one upper division course in music technology is required for the credential, is a prerequisite to directed teaching in music, and may be taken either for elective credit, for the degree outside the major, or in post baccalaureate standing. Refer to the Charter College of Education section in the Academic Programs: College-Based and University-Wide chapter of this catalog for regulations governing all teaching credential programs.

Before being approved for graduation, all students are required to pass a piano proficiency examination (MUS 2300  ). Those who are deficient in this area should take appropriate additional course work as recommended by their adviser.

Core Courses for the Degree (49 units)

Piano Proficiency Requirement (0 unit)

Options (30 - 35 units)

Option I - Composition (30 units)

Option II: Jazz Studies (33 units)

Option III: Performance (35 units)

Applied Music Courses (8 units)

Repeat the selected course for 4 units. Students are required to take ensemble along with applied lessons.

Directed Electives (21 units)

Select courses from the following two groups:

Option IV: Music Education (35 units)

Additional Requirements for the Single Subject Credential (2 units)

Option V: Commercial Music (35 units)

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