Oct 24, 2020  
Semester Catalog 2020-2021 
Semester Catalog 2020-2021

Minor in Creative Writing

The minor in Creative Writing is designed for students majoring in other fields who are interested in the writing of imaginative literature, which may include such forms as poetry, fiction, and drama. A total of 18 units is required, of which 6-9 units must be in lower division and 9-12 units in upper division.

Requirements for the Minor (18 units)

Lower Division Required Courses (6-9 units)

Required course (3 units)

Upper Division Required Courses (9-12 units)


* Students with a declared minor in Creative Writing may seek departmental permission to enroll in courses restricted to English majors. Contact a department adviser for more information on enrolling in upper division ENGL courses.

** May be repeated once for credit in the minor.