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University Catalog 2011-2014 (PRINTED) 
University Catalog 2011-2014 (PRINTED) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Urban Learning, B.A.

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Urban Learning

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Urban Learning is an Integrated Elementary Subject Matter Preparation Program designed to prepare culturally sensitive teachers for assignments in hard-to-staff diverse urban elementary (K-6) or Special Education (K-12 or B-21) classrooms. The major combines courses in teacher preparation with major courses emphasizing an interdisciplinary approach to understanding urban learning as a social phenomenon. The major is supported by a depth area in the social sciences and preparation for either a Multiple Subject Credential (Elementary Education) or an Education Specialist (Special Education) Teaching Credential. Students who complete this degree must complete a minimum of 180 units to graduate. The requirements are described below. For additional information concerning this program, see the section on Basic Teaching Credentials .


Margaret Clark (Director), Paula Arvedson, Ann Barbour, Stephanie Evans, Ambika Gopalakrishnan, Manish Javeri, J. Sabrina Mims, Frederick L. Uy.


Prospective students must attend an orientation session and meet with an adviser prior to enrolling in any courses. Upon completion of their GE requirements, students are grouped into learning communities (cohorts) which support a climate conducive to building life long professional networks, development of collaboration skills, and academic success. Students are expected to enroll in courses designated for their cohort each quarter.

Freshmen are encouraged to seek advisement from a ULRN adviser early and often to assure timely completion of General Education requirements and program application procedures prior to placement in a cohort.


The major is available to students who:

  • Meet the general university requirements for admission as a first-year student or transfer student; and
  • If a transfer student, attain a GPA of at least 2.75 in the last 90 quarter units of coursework.
  • Meet with an Urban Learning program advisor and complete a program application
  • Demonstrate suitable aptitude for teaching in public schools

Students are expected to satisfy all the requirements established by the Charter College of Education and the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing for admission into the credential option of choice during the first two quarters in a cohort.

Requirements for the Major (180 units)


Students must complete 180 units to graduate. The Urban Learning major requires completion of 60 units of General Education at the lower division, 12 units at the upper division and 6 units of graduation requirements (i.e., ENGL 102 and either the Introduction to Higher Education EDUC 101  or Transition to Cal State L.A. EDUC 301  ). It also requires 56 units in the major with the remaining 46 units as recommended electives for teacher preparation.

Students in an Elementary Subject Matter Teacher Preparation Program are subject to the same General Education requirements as non-teaching majors. Students transferring from community colleges should seek advisement from a counselor and complete a program of General Education coursework leading to CSU GE or IGETC certification.

Students interested in securing a California Multiple Subject Teaching or Education Specialist Internship Credential should consult the Charter College of Education section in the Academic Programs, College-Based and University Wide chapter for the regulations governing all teaching credential programs.

A grade of C or higher is required in all courses used to meet the major requirements for Elementary Subject Matter Teacher Preparation.


Elementary Subject Matter Teacher Preparation (180 units)


EDUC 101 or EDUC 301 must be completed within the first two quarters of enrollment.

Teacher Preparation (46units)

CSET Preparation

With advisor approval students select up to 46 units as needed from the following courses, which are designed to strengthen the student’s preparation for the CSET Multiple Subject Examination. Students who have already passed one or more subtests of the CSET may take, with advisor approval, credential courses as electives.

Teaching Credential Preparation

 A minimum GPA of 2.75 in the last 90 quarter units is prerequisite to enrollment in EDCI 300 or EDSP 300. See Catalog, Multiple Subject Credential or Education Specialist Credential, for additional prerequisites. An overall 3.0 GPA must be maintained in all Professional Education courses with a minimum grade of “C” in each course. Students should see a major adviser regarding completion of the degree and other credential requirements.

Select one of the following:

A. Elementary Education

(For a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential)

B. Special Education

(Eligibility for an Education Specialist Internship Credential)
Completion of this course of study and passage of the CSET Multiple Subject qualifies students for an internship credential with verification of employment from a cooperating school district. For a Preliminary Education Specialist Credential, students must complete the additional post-baccalaureate credential coursework and directed teaching in their area of specialization (i.e., Mild/Moderate Disabilities, Moderate/Severe Disabilities, Physical and Health Impairments or Visual Impairment and Blindness).

Internship Emphasis: Specialization (8 units)

Complete 8 units of appropriate course work in the selected area of specialization.