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University Catalog 2011-2014 (PRINTED) 
University Catalog 2011-2014 (PRINTED) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Theatre Arts and Dance, B.A.

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre Arts and Dance is designed for students who plan to engage in careers that utilize skills in theatre and dance.

Department policy requires that all undergraduate Theatre Arts and Dance majors make themselves available for participation in scheduled department productions.

The total number of units required for the Bachelor of Arts degree in Theater Arts and Dance, is 180 units, of which 99 are in the major. Consult with an advisor for the specific number of units required in all areas of the degree including GE and free electives.

Requirements for the Major (99 units)

The major requires a total of 99 units, including core and option requirements. The core of 40 units includes courses in theatre arts, dance, and combined theatre and dance. Each option (Theatre Arts or Dance) includes 59 units in required courses and electives.


Select one of the following options, with adviser approval.

Theatre Arts Option (59 units)

Dance Option (59 units)

Electives in Dance (14 units)

(Select 14 units with adviser approval)