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University Catalog 2011-2014 (PRINTED) 
University Catalog 2011-2014 (PRINTED) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Theatre Arts and Dance Minor

The Theatre Arts and Dance Minor is designed for students interested in expanding their knowledge in using theatre and/or dance as it relates to their performing careers, technical theatre, history/theory, teaching or related fields in the Liberal Arts. The Theatre and Dance curriculum provides a variety of coursework for students preparing for professional performance careers as well as using theatre and/or dance in humanistic, multicultural and/or educational settings. A total of 38 units is required.

Requirements for the Minor (38 units)

Required Courses (11 Units)

Electives (27 units)

Select a Program, in consultation with a Department Adviser, to meet the goals for which the Minor is chosen. A minimum of 16 units must be taken in upper division courses.