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University Catalog 2011-2014 (PRINTED) 
University Catalog 2011-2014 (PRINTED) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Master of Biotechnology (MBt)

The Master of Biotechnology (MBt) is a professional science master’s degree program that will educate the future leaders of the biotechnology industry. The curriculum is offered through the Program in Applied Biotechnology Studies, a consortium of three member CSU campuses, Los Angeles (LA), Fullerton (F), and Pomona (P). The two-year program provides thorough training not only in the science and skills fundamental to the industry, but also in essential business, information literacy, communication, project management, cross-functional teamwork and group leadership skills. The curriculum for the degree includes a series of required core courses to be taken by all members of a class as a cohort. Required courses are distributed among 3 different campuses as described in the table under Requirements for the Degree.


  •  Applications of Molecular Biology/Biochemistry to Biotechnology
  •  Applications of Analytical Chemistry to Biotechnology
  •  Applications of Regulatory Affairs/Clinical Trials/Quality Assurance to Biotechnology
  •  Applications of Engineering to Biotechnology
  •  Applications of Business and Medical Devices to Biotechnology
  •  Applications of Informatics/Biomathematics to Biotechnology


Students will obtain valuable business skills and experience by interning with leading biotechnology and biomedical device companies in the Southern California region, and through their capstone MBt project. This culminating experience includes the completion of a team-based project, an individually written project report, and a team-based presentation of the project findings.

Visit the Program for Applied Biotechnology Studies: Master of Biotechnology (PABS-MBt) web site (http://pabs.fullerton.edu/) for more information.

Admission to the Program

Students should plan to apply for admission to the campus at which he/she plans to complete all or most of his/her elective concentration coursework. Students at CSULA will be able to complete any one of the six concentrations on this campus. Course choices are broadest for the concentrations in Molecular Biology/Biochemistry, Engineering, Business/Law, and Biomathematics. Courses in Regulatory Affairs will be available online.
Applicants must meet the requirements for admission, which include an appropriate (see below) baccalaureate from an accredited institution and a grade-point average of at least 3.0 in the last 90 quarter units or 60 semester units attempted. (Note that the grade point average requirement for admission to the MBt program has been set higher than that required for general admission to Cal State Los Angeles for graduate study or for admission to the M.S. degree program in Biological Sciences at Cal State Los Angeles.) Students must make two applications, one to the university through CSU Mentor and another to the MBt Program. The MBt program application is available at the MBt program web site. In addition to university requirements for admission, acceptance into this program is contingent upon the following:

(1) a B.A. or B.S. from an accredited institution with a grade-point average of 3.0 in major courses in one of the following areas:

  • Biological Science or related area
  • Engineering or related area
  • Chemistry or Biochemistry or related area
  • Business or Information Science or related area
  • Computer Science or related area
  • Mathematics or related area

(2) submission of scores on one of the following: (a) Graduate Record Examination General Test, (b) Medical College Admission Test, (c) Dental Admission Test, or (d) GMAT or related test;

(3) completion of the application to the MBt program, which is available at the MBt program web site application page (http://pabs.fullerton.edu/apply.asp)

(4) submission of two academic/professional letters of recommendation.

Because of the rigorous nature of the PABS training program, the applicant’s practical experience and career aspirations will be important factors in applicant selection.
Students with academic deficiencies may be considered for conditional acceptance into the program. For conditionally accepted students, the specific conditions and a deadline for their completion are determined at the time of admission; continuation in the MABS program is contingent upon completion of the admission conditions by the specified deadline.

Requirements for the Degree (40.6 semester units/60.5 quarter units)

Students must complete the core and selected elective courses as described in the tables below. Before being awarded the degree, the student must present his/her project work as a written project report (modified for proprietary reasons as necessary) for submission to the university library. In addition, the student must present his/her work (modified for proprietary reasons as necessary) during a PABS symposium.

PABS Master of Biotechnology (MBt) Curriculum

Note: Academic units are presented below as Semester Units/Quarter Units to accommodate campus programs with varying systems. Fractions occur where semester units are transferred to quarter institutions or vice versa.

Year 1

First Semester (12/18 Units)

Survey of Biotechnology:
Part A. Commercialization of Biotechnology (3/4.5); Workshop in Information Literacy** begins in June, prior to the first semester}
Part B. Molecular Biology and Pharmacology/Toxicology (3/4.5)
Part C. Mathematical Modeling and Bioinformatics (3/4.5)
Part D. Pharmaceuticals and Biomedical Device Technology (3/4.5)
(TWR evening, 3 hr per meeting)
{Homed at Cal State Fullerton}

Second Semester (9.6/14 Units)

Biotech Skills I (3.3/5): Applications Training Modules (MWR afternoon to evening)
{Homed at CSULA in winter quarter}
Biotech Skills II (1.3/2): Applications Training Module on Medical Devices
{Homed at Cal Poly Pomona in spring quarter}
Clinical Trials/Regulatory Affairs (2/3)
{Homed at Cal Poly Pomona in spring quarter} (F afternoon)
Project Management course (3/4) MGMT 554, (Homed at Cal State Los Angeles in Winter Quarter)
(Selection of research project topic and committee)

Summer - Applied Biotechnology Internship (1/2 unit)


Year 2

Third Semester (9-12/12.5-16.5 Units)

Biotech Skills III (3/4.5): Applications Training Modules
{Homed at Cal Poly Pomona} (F/S 4.5 hr per meeting)
Applied Masters’ Research Project (3/4)#
{Home campus}
Course in Concentration (3/4-6/8)*
{Home campus}

Fourth Semester (6-9/9-13 Units)

Applied Masters’ Research Project (2/3)#
{Home campus}
Writing & Presentation of MS Project (1/2)#
Courses in Concentration (3/4 - 6/8)*
{Home campus}

# A total of 6 Semester/ 9 Quarter Units will count toward degree.
* A minimum total of 3 courses and 9 Semester/minimum total 3 courses and 12 Quarter Units.
**To be offered at Cal State Fullerton and coordinated by Information Literacy specialist from CSULA, in collaboration with librarians from other campuses.


PABS Master of Biotechnology (MBt) Curriculum

Note: Students within a specialization must have completed prerequisites for any elective courses chosen for their concentration or must have obtained permission from the instructor to enroll. Permission from the instructor does not alter the standards for achievement within the class.

Applications of Regulatory Affairs/Quality Assurance to Biotechnology

Available via online courses originating at Dominguez Hills.       http://www.csudh.edu/msqa/