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University Catalog 2011-2014 (PRINTED) 
University Catalog 2011-2014 (PRINTED) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Education: Option in Educational Foundations, M.A.

The Master of Arts degree in Education, Option in Educational Foundations, offers concentrations in social and psychological foundations. This interdisciplinary academic program, which draws on conceptual frameworks and methodologies from the humanities, social sciences, and behavioral sciences, is designed to prepare teachers and other educational professionals (e.g. psychologists, counselors, and administrators working in schools, government, business, or civic agencies) to understand and respond to the social contexts that give meaning to education both in and out of schools. It offers coursework in the educational foundations area and its related disciplines e.g., history of education, philosophy of education, educational sociology, educational psychology and human development. This coursework provides students with opportunities to acquire interpretive, normative, and critical perspectives on education through rigorous study and research experience.

Admission to the Program

In addition to University requirements for admission to graduate study, applicants must have a 2.75 grade point average in the last 90 quarter units attempted.

Requirements for the Degree (45 units)

A minimum of 23 of the 45 units must be in 500-level courses and at least 23 units must consist of education courses. See Restrictions on Credit Earned, in Variable Unit Courses earlier in this chapter.

Required in Cognate or Theme Area (8 units)

Select with adviser approval.

Area of Concentration (8 units)

Select eight units from one of the two following areas:

Electives in Education (4–13 units)

Select courses in education with adviser approval.

Electives in Cognate Area (0–10 units)

Select with adviser approval.