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University Catalog 2011-2014 (PRINTED) 
University Catalog 2011-2014 (PRINTED) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Art, B.A.

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The program for the Bachelor of Arts degree in Art is structured so that students have the opportunity to acquire an understanding of the variety of subjects encompassed within the visual arts as well as to develop excellence in a specific area.

The total number of units required for the Bachelor of Arts degree in Art is 180 units, of which 93-98 units are in the major depending on the option selected. Consult with an advisor for the specific number of units required in all areas of the degree including GE and free electives.

Requirements for the Major (93 - 98 units)

All students majoring in Art participate in an exploratory and fundamental core program of 24 lower division units and must take the course ART 356 Written Expression in the Visual Arts.

Completion of lower division core courses or their equivalent and achievement of upper division standing are prerequisite to admission to upper division art courses. Students not majoring or minoring in Art must have consent of the instructor.

Credit for ART 499, if taken, is limited to 9 units, with no more than 3 units in any one quarter. Nine units may be used for electives.


Students choose one of the following options to complete their major. Prerequisites to admission to an option are completion of the lower division core.

Animation Option (70 units)

The Animation Option provides a thorough education in the creative, practical and historical uses of animation. The option encourages an experimental approach to animation combining traditional and contemporary techniques. Students complete a core of 30-34 units plus either the Traditional Animation or the Computer Animation track for an additional 36-40 units. The elective courses within each track allow the student to take courses in the other techniques.

This option is offered jointly with the Communication Studies Department.

Option Core Requirements (30-34 units)

Traditional Animation Track (36-40 units)

Computer Animation Track (36-40 units)

Graphic Design/Visual Communication Option (69 units)

The Graphic Design/Visual Communication Option provides an understanding of visual communication design theory and practice necessary for careers or further study in fields of visual communication.

Art Education Option (66 units)

The Art Education Option provides art majors with opportunities to prepare for art teaching careers and to qualify for the Single Subject Teaching Credential in Art. The option presents a professional preparation program, which is certified by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing, and is designed to enable teacher candidates to perform successfully on the CSET examination. For more information see the Charter College of Education  section for regulations governing all teaching credential programs.

Upper Division Elective Courses (20 units)

Select art courses from the Studio Arts Option, Art History Option, Animation Option, or Graphic Design/ Visual Communication Option.

As part of the upper division elective courses, students must complete an intermediate and advanced level course in one specific area of either the Studio Arts Option or the Graphic Design/Visual Communication Option.

Required Service Learning Course

 At least one of the following service learning courses must be completed as part of the BA degree:

Studio Arts Option (65 units)

The Studio Arts Option provides theory and practice for the development of perceptual and conceptual abilities needed to engage in creative visual expression.

Upper Division Elective Courses (32 units)

Art History Option (68 units)

The Art History Option provides historical and developmental study of art in most of the world civilizations. It is intended to develop the student’s ability to evaluate and comprehend concepts and issues within this cultural heritage.

Required Lower Division Courses (8 units)

Required Upper Division Courses (32 units)

Upper Division Elective Courses (28 units)

Select electives from courses in Groups A-F (not previously taken), and from the following.

Fashion and Textiles Option (66-67 units)

The Fashion and Textiles Option provides students with a sound foundation in the visual arts as well as an understanding of the cultural and social basis of human appearance and adornment. The program of study prepares students for careers in the full range of fashion and textile design, merchandising, and manufacturing.

Students may select one of three specializations within the option: Fashion Design, Fashion Merchandising, or Textiles.

Students who select this option complete the required Art Core and 47 units in the fashion core. In addition, 19-20 units are required in a chosen specialization.

Required Fashion Core (47 units)

Required Specialization Courses (19-20 units)

Select one of the following specializations with adviser approval.

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