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University Catalog 2012-2013 
University Catalog 2012-2013 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Science, Technology, and Medicine Studies Minor

Drawing from the traditions of critical science studies scholarship in a wide variety of disciplines, this minor examines the social and cultural dimensions of science and its technological and medical applications. While deepening students’ knowledge of the sciences, the minor explores the social and cultural imperatives that shape science and its applications. The minor also studies the influence of the sciences on social formations and cultural productions. The minor is designed for students interested in science-focused careers in law, journalism, education, publishing, government, business, and nonprofit work. This minor also incorporates some of the recommended courses and electives for students seeking careers in medicine; as such, it provides a useful supplement for pre-med students pursuing majors in the natural sciences. Students interested in careers in medicine should consult with the Health careers advisement office (King Hall room D 1044) to discuss the recommended courses and preparation appropriate for their career goals.

Liberal Studies students who take the Option I Concentration in Science, Technology, and Medicine Studies are ineligible for the minor. Students from any other major (including Liberal Studies majors who chose other concentrations, options, or depth areas) may select this minor in order to deepen their understanding of science, technology, and medicine. Students interested in the minor should contact a Liberal Studies advisor.

Requirements for the Minor (32 units)

Required Course in Interdisciplinary Science Studies (4 units)

Technology Studies: Select one course from the following (4 units)

Medicine Studies: Select one course from the following (4 units)

History and Religious Studies: Select one course from the following (4 units)

Philosophy: Select one course from the following (4 units)

Electives (4 units)

With advisor approval, students select 4 units of coursework from the courses listed above.