May 28, 2023  
University Catalog 2012-2013 
University Catalog 2012-2013 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Latin-American Studies, B.A.

The Bachelor of Arts degree program in Latin American Studies affords the student a wide range of career opportunities in the U.S. and abroad. The growth of the Latina/Latino population in the U.S. has produced an increasing need for trained persons with a knowledge of the region to work in government, teaching, not-for-profit organizations, business, and other fields.

The total number of units required for the Bachelor of Arts degree in Latin American Studies Program is 180 units, of which 64-80 units are in the major. Consult with an advisor for the specific number of units required in all areas of the degree including GE and free electives.

Requirements for the Bachelor of Arts Degree (64-84 units)

Language Requirement (4-24 units)

 The language requirement for Latin American studies is based on competency. Students must demonstrate that they can place into a 300-level Spanish course by taking the placement exam in the Department of Modern Languages. Students who are unable to place in a 300-level Spanish course must complete a 200-level Spanish sequence successfully. Students who wish to study Portuguese must also demonstrate competency in Spanish by being placed at the 300-level in the Department of Modern Languages Placement Exam.

Upper Division Courses (52 units)

Select 28 units in Elective Courses