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University Catalog 2012-2013 
University Catalog 2012-2013 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

General Education Lower Division Courses

Effective: Fall Quarter 1998

* Information Listed Under G.E. Classification Of Majors will assist you in determining the GE Unit Requirements for Blocks B, C and D based on your major.

A. Basic Subjects: 16 Units

American Institutions: 8 Units

B. Natural Science: 8 or 12* Units

C. Humanities: 8 or 12* Units


(d) Approved diversity courses

Integrated Social Science


(d) Approved diversity courses


AL 101 , BUS 101 , EDUC 101  ,

HNRS 101 - Introduction to Academic Inquiry and the Honors College

Explores ways of knowing across the disciplines; introduces students to Honors College learning goals; examines strategies for undergraduate success. Graded ABC/NC

IHE and Block E (GE) HHS 101 , NSS 101 , UNIV 101  satisfy both IHE and Block E requirement

(d)Approved diversity course Number preceded by the designation (d) indicate those approved to meet the 2-course Block G - Diversity requirement



  • A minimum C grade average in general education is required of all students following the 1987-1989 or any later catalog.
  • Other courses may be substituted in some categories in conjunction with a student’s major. Consult a department or division adviser for a list of approved GE replacement courses.
  • Students must complete two diversity courses which may be selected from blocks C, D, E or from GE upper division themes.
  • ENGL 102  is required of all students who entered Cal State L.A. Summer 1993 or later, and who are subject to the requirements of the 1993-95 or later GE catalog. A minimum C grade is required. A ‘C–’ grade is not acceptable.
  • Engineering and Computer Science majors’ GE program differs. See an academic adviser in your major department.

*depending on major, see classification of majors on previous page.