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University Catalog 2012-2013 
University Catalog 2012-2013 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

French, B.A.

The study of French is conducive to proficiency in oral and written communication and also provides training in a humanistic discipline. It enhances enjoyment of travel abroad, foreign films, and great literary works. Students who achieve a mastery of French may enter the teaching profession or work as translators, interpreters, or bilingual secretaries. Their skills are also useful in careers associated with international business, the Foreign Service, and the news media.

The undergraduate program in French includes a major for the Bachelor of Arts degree and a minor to accompany a major in another field. The Master of Arts degree program is described in the Graduate Programs section.

The total number of units required for the Bachelor of Arts degree in French is 180 units, of which 78 or 82 units are in the major. These major units include one year (12 units) of first-year college level language studies other than English and the target language (French).

The Bachelor of Arts degree is available in two options: a General Option and a Single-Subject Matter Preparation option (for students planning to earn a Single-Subject Teaching Credential after the B.A.).

At least 24 units must be earned in residence at Cal State L.A. FREN 200ABC is prerequisite to entrance into the program and may be satisfied by appropriate high school or college preparation or by examination.

In order to take courses numbered above FREN 301, students must demonstrate speaking and writing competency at the intermediate-mid level through successful completion of FREN 299.

Requirements for the Major (78 or 82 units)

Students in both options complete a Common Core of 13 lower division unit and 37 upper-division units.

Common Core (50 units)

Single-Subject Matter Preparation Option (82 units)

Students who select the Single Subject Matter Preparation option must complete the Common Core (50 units) and the following additional courses. Note that both FREN 310A and FREN 310B must be taken by students in this option; one within the common core, the other within the required block for this option.

Students in the Single-Subject Matter Preparation option must also complete 12 units of electives selected from the following: