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University Catalog 2012-2013 
University Catalog 2012-2013 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Criminal Justice, M.S.

In addition to University requirements for admission to graduate study, applicants must posses a baccalaureate from an accredited college or university with acceptable preparation in criminal justice and general principles of theory and research.

Requirements for the Degree (45 units)

A total of 45 units is required, with at least 23 in 500-level courses.

Administration Option

Forensic Mental Health Option

Comprehensive Examination or Thesis (0-4)

Students must have completed all other degree requirements prior to enrolling for the comprehensive examination.

The comprehensive examination (CRIM 596) is a written, onsite examination that covers issues related to theory, research and urban problems as they impact on criminal justice. Students may take the comprehensive examination during the fall, winter or spring quarters after completion of their course work and must comply with college and school requirements regarding the comprehensive examination. Students are allowed a maximum of two attempts to complete the comprehensive examination successfully.

The thesis may only be selected after approval from the school Graduate Committee. Oral defense of the thesis is required.