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University Catalog 2019-2020 
University Catalog 2019-2020 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Minor in Francophone Studies

The Interdisciplinary minor in Francophone Studies allows students to learn about the great diversity that exists in the 29 countries around the world where French is an official language.  Students obtaining this minor will combine intermediate language study with coursework in history, political science, culture, film, and literature from Europe, Canada, the Caribbean, the Maghreb, and Western and Central Africa.  Because it requires only intermediate French proficiency, this minor is open to students in many different majors; it is especially suggested for students in History, Political Science, Sociology, Art, TVF, Pan-African Studies, Business, Spanish, and English, and for students interested in working for international companies or organizations that operate in countries such as France, Belgium, Canada, Haiti, and the 24 countries in Africa where French is either an official language or a de facto second language.

A total of 20 units is required.  FREN 1001 and 1002 or an equivalent level of proficiency are prerequisite to the required language element; equivalent proficiency may be demonstrated by high school preparation or by a departmental examination.  ML 3300 may be included when its topic is Francophone Cinema.  With advisor approval, other appropriate courses may be substituted in elective block.