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University Catalog 2018-2019 
University Catalog 2018-2019 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Enterprise Systems

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The Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Enterprise Systems offers students the ability to gain specialized experience with modules in SAP ERP. More importantly, students gain a better understanding of how decisions in purchasing and materials management, operations planning, and information systems play a role in the success of an organization as a whole.

Large-scale enterprise systems such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)s have become the backbone of today’s information systems. These systems integrate information from all areas of an organization (i.e., marketing, operations, HR, sales) as well as up and down the supply chain.

In today’s business environment, managers must demonstrate proficiency in their understanding of enterprise systems and be able to design, employ, and use these systems effectively as a requirement to a successful career. The Graduate Certificate in Enterprise Systems is designed to provide students with the ability to demonstrate an overall understanding and working knowledge of the function, design, control, and use of ESs.  In addition to understanding ERP systems, this certificate also focuses on understanding how, administratively and operationally, each area of the organization interacts, leverages, and affects each other to create a desired outcome across the organization.

The curriculum provides students with sufficient conceptual understanding and applied skills to be able to navigate the complexities of transaction processing and data queries inherent in modern enterprise systems. A particular emphasis is given to the predominant enterprise system within large organizations, SAP, culminating in SAP TERP 10 instruction and the TERP 10 examination.

Program Details

SAP certification is differentiator for business students:

To best use their SAP solutions, companies in a variety of industries want people with ERP certifications using SAP software. Whether in business operations, information systems, project management, or supply chain management, obtaining an ERP Certificate with SAP is a great way to extend the knowledge, stand out in a competitive job market, and make students more valuable resource to the more than 183,000 employers who use SAP software solutions.

This Enterprise Systems Certificate with SAP program was developed so that students gain a valued credential from Cal State LA, and also meet the requirements for the SAP Student Recognition Award from SAP University Alliances.

This certificate program is a good choice for students who are completing a degree in, employed in, or planning to work in the following fields:

  •     business management
  •     operations analysis
  •     project management
  •     computer software
  •     information systems
  •     supply chain management

Companies in a variety of industries all over the globe use SAP software solutions. Enterprise Systems Certificate with SAP program prepares for positions such as:

  •     SAP data analyst
  •     SAP support analyst
  •     database administrator
  •     computer systems analyst
  •     budget analyst
  •     program manager

U.S Department of Education Gainful Employment Disclosure

For all new post-baccalaureate and graduate certificate programs, the U.S. Department of Education Gainful Employment information must be provided. Below is a template that may be used. Include this information with the description of the program and the required courses on the correct curricular form.


U.S Department of Education Gainful Employment Disclosure

  1. Program:

Enterprise Systems Certificate

  1. Occupations that this certificate program prepares students to enter:


SOC Code


Web address


Supply Chain Managers



Logistics Managers



Business Intelligence Analysts



Information Technology Project Managers



Logistics Analysts



Sales Engineers



Computer and Information Systems Managers



Software Developers, Systems Software



  1. On-time graduation rate for students completing this program:


  1. Cost of Attendance for the entire normal duration (e.g., ) of this certificate program:


Tuition and fees: Based on Fall 2016 at http://www.calstatela.edu/sfinserv/fall-semester-2016-tuition-and-fees

Fall 2016 Tuition and Fees

0-6 units

6.1 units or more

Graduate/BP Total








Books and supplies: ___complimentary materials given by the instructor_____________


  1. Median loan debt incurred by students who completed this program:


  1. The job placement rate for students completing the program:


*For each program, identify the US Dept of Labor (USDOL) Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) Code(s) of the occupation(s) that the program prepares students to enter (this may be multiple professions/codes). Also, provide web links to occupational profiles on USDOL’s O*NET web site (http://www.onetonline.org/), SOC Codes may also be found here.

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