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University Catalog 2017-2018 
University Catalog 2017-2018 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Undergraduate Certificate in Assistant Behavior Analyst

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The Undergraduate Certificate in Assistant Behavior Analyst is designed to provide practitioners, such as behavior therapists, behavioral teacher’s aides, resource and program specialists, and others who work with students with special needs and their families with specialized support skills. This certificate program (15 units) provides the opportunity to develop these specialized skills to function as an Assistant Behavior Analyst (BCaBA).

Admission Requirements
For admission to the program, applicants must:
• Meet the university requirements for admission to CSULA and must be currently enrolled or must have completed a baccalaureate degree in any academic area.
• Meet the requirements for admission to the Counseling Program in the Division of Special Education and Counseling. There will be an application and an academic program plan for the Assistant Behavior Analyst Certificate Program.

Requirements for the Certificate (15 units):

The certificate is awarded upon the completion of the following courses (15 units) with a minimum B (3.0) average. Refer to the Undergraduate Study: General Information chapter of this catalog for general regulations governing all certificate programs.

Experience Requirement

The experience requirement for the BCaBA would not be part of the Assistant Behavior Analyst Certificate Program. Students would have two options to do their required experience outside of the certificate.

1. University Practicum Experience: The student would register for 8 units of university practicum experience [90.0 hours per unit equals 720 practicum hours (24 hours per week)]. Students must be supervised weekly at least 10.0% [72 hours of the 720 hours (2.4 hours per week)] of the hours spent in university practicum experience. Students would meet with the university faculty member (1.0 hours per week) and with their on-site BCBA supervisor (1.4 hours per week) for weekly supervision (total of 2.4 hours per week).


Courses to meet the University Practicum Experience approved by BACB (8 Units):

COUN 4096 - Initial Practicum in Applied Behavior Analysis (4)

COUN 4097 - Advanced Practicum in Applied Behavior Analysis (4)


2. Students could do their supervised independent fieldwork with the current employer by following the guidelines mandated by the BACB.

U.S Department of Education Gainful Employment Disclosure

Program: Assistant Behavior Analyst Certificate Program


Occupations that this certificate program prepares students to enter:

25-2052.00 - Special Education Teachers, Kindergarten and Elementary School (score = 93/100)

25-2051.00 - Special Education Teachers, Preschool (score = 92/100)

25-2053.00 - Special Education Teachers, Middle School (score = 80/100)

25-2054.00 - Special Education Teachers, Secondary School (score=80/100)

19-3031.03 - Counseling Psychologist (score = 73/100)


On-time graduation rate for students completing this program:

One to Two years (3 Semesters)


Cost of Attendance for the entire normal duration (e.g., three quarters, at two courses per quarter) of this certificate program:

Once the students enter the Assistant Behavior Analysts Certificate Program, they should be able to complete the certificate in three semesters, at an average of three courses per semester.


Tuition and fees:___$9,516.00_______                               

Books and supplies: ____$1,809.00__________

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