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University Catalog 2017-2018 
University Catalog 2017-2018 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Geographic Information Systems

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The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) credit certificate is offered by the Department of Geosciences and Environment to students with up-to-date theory and technology in spatial analysis in urban planning, political science, and environmental studies. It provides students a Post-Baccalaureate alternative for acquiring a recognized certification for GIS competency. A total of 12 units in the following courses are required for the certificate. Refer to the Graduate and Post-Baccalaureate Studies: General Information   chapter of this catalog for general regulations governing all certificate programs.

U.S Department of Education Gainful Employment Disclosure

For all new post-baccalaureate and graduate certificate programs, the U.S. Department of Education Gainful Employment information must be provided. Below is a template that may be used. Include this information with the description of the program and the required courses on the correct curricular form.

U.S Department of Education Gainful Employment Disclosure

  1. Program: (Insert title of certificate, e.g., Certificate Program in Autism)

Certificate Program in Geographic Information Systems

  1. Occupations that this certificate program prepares students to enter:

(List the occupation, SOC Code, and web address for each occupation.*)

15-1199.05 (Geographic Information Systems Technicians)


15-1199.04 (Geospatial Information Scientists & Technologists)


  1. On-time graduation rate for students completing this program:

No data on this yet.

  1. Cost of Attendance for the entire normal duration (e.g., three semesters, at two courses per semester) of this certificate program:

Tuition and fees:__$5,344______                Books and supplies: ____$500________

  1. Median loan debt incurred by students who completed this program:

Not data on this yet.

  1. The job placement rate for students completing the program:

From our personal communications with students we estimate it to be high, but we have not kept statistics.

*For each program, identify the US Dept of Labor (USDOL) Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) Code(s) of the occupation(s) that the program prepares students to enter (this may be multiple professions/codes). Also, provide web links to occupational profiles on USDOL’s O*NET web site (http://www.onetonline.org/), SOC Codes may also be found here.


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