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University Catalog 2012-2013 
University Catalog 2012-2013 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of Technology

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Engineering and Technology A337
Phone: (323) 343-4550

The Department of Technology offers four undergraduate programs in areas designed to prepare students for management-oriented careers in aviation, fire safety and prevention, graphic communications, industrial technology and one undergraduate program to prepare technology education teachers. Graduates of these programs are employed in a wide range of careers including supervisors, managers, management representatives, trainers, technical support specialists, analysts, planners, and teachers. The department also offers several upper division certificate programs to provide further technical depth.

The Faculty

Professors: Benjamin L. Lee, Ethan B. Lipton, Paul Liu, Don M. Maurizio, A. Keith Mew, Stephanie Nelson, Virgil A. Seaman, Ray O. Shackelford, Le D. Tang.
Associate Professors: David Bleckman, Jai Hong.
Assistant Professor: Mauricio Castillo.
Emeriti: Cortland C. Doan, Raymond E. Fausel, Gregory S. Graham, Kenneth F. Hird, Pamela D. Jablonsky, John LaMonica, Kenneth Phillips, Kenneth N. Sweetnam, Norwood Teague.

Programs for this Department:

Undergraduate Major

Aviation Administration, B.S. 
Fire Protection Administration and Technology, B.S. 
Graphic Communications, B.S. 
Industrial Technology, B.S. 
Undergraduate Minor

Industrial Studies Minor 
Undergraduate Certificate

Undergraduate Certificate Program in Fire Protection Risk Analysis and Reduction  
Undergraduate Certificate Program in Fire Service Administration 
Graduate Major

Industrial and Technical Studies, M.A. 
Graduate Certificate

Credit Certificate Programs 

Industrial Technology Credential Program 

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