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University Catalog 2013-2014 
University Catalog 2013-2014 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Division of Special Education and Counseling

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Andrea Zetlin, Acting Chair
King Hall C1064
Phone: (323) 343-4400
E-mail : azetlin@calstatela.edu
Margaret Garcia, Associate Chair, Coordination of Counseling Programs
Website: www.calstatela.edu/academic/ccoe/index_edsp.htm

Program Advisement:

The Charter College of Education’s Division of Special Education and Counseling offers program advisement for the Undergraduate Blended Preliminary, Intern, and Clear credential programs in special education approved by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing, certificates, and master’s degrees in Special Education as well as the Ph.D. program in Special Education offered jointly with the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA). The division also offers program advisement for the undergraduate B.S. degree in Rehabilitation Services, the Master’s degree in Counseling, and for advanced credential programs approved by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. These programs are described in this section. Other general information about credentials and degree programs can be found in the Undergraduate Study and Graduate and Postbaccalaureate Study sections of this catalog.

Courses offered in:

  • Counseling (COUN)
  • Higher Education (EDHI)
  • Special Education (EDSP)

Credentials Offered:

Educational Specialist in Special Education (The Educational Specialist Intern credential may be obtained in an undergraduate blended program. The Preliminary credential preparation may begin in undergraduate status. The Clear credential can be obtained in post baccalaureate status), Early Childhood Special Education, Mild/Moderate Disabilities, Moderate/Severe Disabilities, Physical and Health Impairments, Visual Impairment and Blindness, with authorizations in English Language (EL) and Autism are offered. The Clinical Rehabilitative Services Credential: Orientation and Mobility for the Blind and Visually Impaired. Credentials also offered in Pupil Personnel Services with Advanced Specializations in School Counseling and Child Welfare and Attendance Services, including internship; School Psychology and Child Welfare and Attendance Services; and School Psychology, including internship.

Degrees Offered:

M.A. degree in Special Education with Options in: Autism, Early Childhood Special Education, Mild/Moderate Disabilities, Moderate/Severe Disabilities, Multicultural/Multilingual Special Education, Physical and Health Impairments, Visual Impairment and Blindness: Orientation and Mobility, and Visual Impairment and Blindness: Teacher Education. Ph.D. in Special Education (offered jointly with UCLA). Degrees also offered for the B.S. in Rehabilitation Services and the M.S. in Counseling with Options in Applied Behavior Analysis, School Counseling Leadership; Marriage, Family and Child Counseling; and, School Psychology, and Rehabilitation Counseling. A Minor in Rehabilitation Services is also offered.

Certificates Offered:

Applied Behavior Analysis in Educational Settings, Autism, Career Counseling, Early Childhood Special Education, Transition Studies

The Faculty

Professors: Sherwood Best, Martin G. Brodwin, Randy V. Campbell, Diane Fazzi, Diane Haager, George K. Hong, Nancy Hunt, Christina H. Kimm, Pauline Mercado, David Peterson, Kathryn C. Reilly, Marcel Soriano, Lois Weinberg Andrea G. Zetlin (Acting Chair). 

Associate Professors: Sheri Atwater, Michael J. Carter, Margaret D. Clark, Margaret Garcia, Holly Menzies, Heidi Paul, Elizabeth Perluss,
Jennifer Symon, Mchelle Wallace.

Assistant Professors: Audrey Ham, Cheryl Kamei Hannan, Sungho Park, Leila Ricci, Frances Siu.
Emeriti: Isaac Berman, Gary Best, V. Patricia Beyer, David Bilovski, Philip C. Chinn, Barbara J. Clark, John A. Dahl, Shirley D. Davis, Robert A. Eisenberg, Mary A. Falvey, Robert G. Hadley, Edmond C. Hallberg, Raymond E. Hillis, Colleen B. Jamison, M. Diane Klein, Jean Utley Lehman, Jasper Little, Judith S. Margolis, G. Roy Mayer, Fred G. Rhodes, J. Leonard Steinberg, Joseph Stubbins, Rose- Marie Swallow, F. Annette Tessier, Alice V. Watkins.

The Counseling and Assessment Clinic

The Counseling and Assessment Clinic is operated by the Division of Special Education and Counseling, and is located in King Hall C1067. It is an instructional laboratory that provides both training for counselors and counseling services to the community. Students working toward a master’s degree or credential in counseling serve as student clinicians under direct faculty supervision.

The Diagnostic Resource Center

The Diagnostic Resource Center (DRC) is located in King Hall C1063. It provides a lending service for psychological and educational assessment materials to qualified students for class and internship related activities.

Continued Professional Development

Competence in the helping professions requires continuous efforts at self improvement and development of skills. To assist practicing counselors, school psychologists, and other educators in improving their professional skills, the Counselor Education faculty has developed the following programs of continued professional development leading toward certificates.

The programs provide an opportunity for educational practitioners to meet with their colleagues to keep abreast of innovative professional developments and to experience stimuli for continued personal and professional growth.

Programs for this Department:

Undergraduate Major

Rehabilitation Services, B.S. 
Undergraduate Minor

Rehabilitation Services Minor 
Graduate Major

Counseling, M.S. 
Special Education, M.A. 
Doctoral Program

Doctor of Philosophy in Special Education 
Graduate Certificate

Graduate Certificate Program in Applied Behavior Analysis in Educational Settings 
Graduate Certificate Program in Autism  
Graduate Certificate Program in Career Counseling 
Early Childhood Special Education: Infancy Emphasis Certificate 
Early Childhood Special Education: Preschool Emphasis Certificate 
Certificate for Transition Specialist 
Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Teaching Learners with Special Needs in General Education Classrooms 

Education Specialist Credential Programs 
Pupil Personnel Services Credential 

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