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University Catalog 2023-2024 
University Catalog 2023-2024
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SPAN 5100 - Applied Linguistics for Spanish Graduate Students

This course is repeatable: No
Total # of units allowed for credit: 3
Max times this course can be taken for credit: 1
Max # of units may be repeated: 0

Course Description: Principles of Spanish phonetics, phonology and sociolinguistics. Phonological processes in standard and dialectal varieties of Spanish. Dialectal phenomena in morphology and syntax of Spanish varieties. Introduction to variation theory, studies of language attitudes, Spanish-English contact phenomena, acquisition of Spanish as a heritage language.
Credit Hours: 3 lecture hour(s) per week.

Grading: ABCDF
Mode of Delivery: Hybrid
Campus: Main Campus
Equivalent Course(s): None
Prerequisite(s): SPAN 3050 ; admission to the Spanish, M.A.  program.
Needs Permission to Enroll: Yes, Department Consent
Special Fee Applied: No


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