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University Catalog 2022-2023 
University Catalog 2022-2023 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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POLS 1000 - Power, Politics and Engagement in US Government

This course is repeatable: No
Total # of units allowed for credit: 3
Max times this course can be taken for credit:1
Max # of units may be repeated: 0

Course Description: American political system with an emphasis on role and function of government in social context of a democratic political system. Satisfies U.S. Constitution and California state and local government requirements. Not open to students who have completed an introductory college course in U.S. government. Some sections of this course will be offered in fully online (100%), and hybrid (50% face-to-face / 50% online) formats.
Credit Hours: 3 lecture hour(s) per week

Grading: ABCDF
Mode of Delivery: Face to Face, Hybrid, Online
Campus: Main Campus
Cross-Listing Course(s): None
Prerequisite(s): None
Needs Permission to Enroll: No
Special Fee Applied: No

GE AM-Government
Articulation C-ID: POLS 110 Introduction to American Government and Politics
This University course articulates with any California Community College (CCC) course that is approved by the C-ID program and given the corresponding “C-ID Course” designation listed here. The articulation is one-way articulation, meaning the approved community college course will articulate for the indicated course credit at the four-year university.  
For a list of institutions offering this course, search by the C-ID on the C-ID websitehttps://c-id.net/courses/search

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