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University Catalog 2022-2023 
University Catalog 2022-2023
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CS 2011 - Introduction to Programming I

This course is repeatable: No
Total # of units allowed for credit: 4
Max times this course can be taken for credit:1
Max # of units may be repeated: 0

Course Description: Introduction to algorithms; designing, coding, debugging, and documenting programs; implementation of algorithms as structured programs in a high level language; laboratory activities on problem analysis and software development. 
Credit Hours: 3 lecture hour(s) 2 activity hour(s) per week

Grading: ABC-/NC (Undergraduate Only)
Mode of Delivery: Face to Face
Campus: Main Campus
Cross-Listing Course(s): None
Prerequisite(s): CS 1010  and MATH 1040 ; or consent of the instructor
Needs Permission to Enroll: No
Special Fee Applied: No

Articulation C-ID: COMP 122 Programming Concepts and Methodology I
This University course articulates with any California Community College (CCC) course that is approved by the C-ID program and given the corresponding “C-ID Course” designation listed here. The articulation is one-way articulation, meaning the approved community college course will articulate for the indicated course credit at the four-year university. Articulation does NOT apply from the four-year institution to the community college or between the four-year institutions. 
For a list of institutions offering this course, search by the C-ID, visit the C-ID website

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