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University Catalog 2011-2014 (PRINTED) 
University Catalog 2011-2014 (PRINTED) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Administrative Offices and Officers

Titles and Names Only

Officers of Administration

Office of the President

President of the University James M. Rosser
      University Legal Counsel Victor King
  University Internal Auditor Tanya Ho
  Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Daniel L. Bridges
  Executive Director of the Luckman Fine Arts Complex Wendy Baker

Academic Affairs

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Ashish Vaidya
  Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, Cheryl Ney
      Director, Institutional Research Mark Pavelchak
          Assistant Director, Institutional Research Vivian Ko
    Dean of Graduate Studies Alan E. Muchlinski (Interim)
          Associate Dean Karin Elliott-Brown
       Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs - Academic Personnel Philip S. LaPolt (Interim)
       Director, Faculty Development and Pedagogical Support (Vacant)
    Dean of Undergraduate Studies Alfredo G. González
      Associate Dean Steven Jones 
      Director, Academic Advisement Center Marcia Murota
      Director, University Testing Center Susan McEvoy
      Director, University Tutorial Center Howard Masuda
      Director, University Writing Center Lise Buranen (Acting)
    Dean, College of Arts and Letters Peter McAllister
      Associate Dean David N. Conners (Acting)
    Dean, College of Business and Economics James A. Goodrich
      Associate Dean Edward W. T. Hsieh (Interim)
      Director, Student Services (Vacant)
    Dean, Charter College of Education Mary Falvey
      Associate Dean, Curriculum and Assessment Diane Fazzi (Acting)
      Director, Student Services (Vacant)
    Dean, College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology Keith Moo-Young
      Associate Dean Don Maurizio
    Dean, College of Health and Human Services Beatrice Yorker
      Associate Dean Eleanor Ferguson-Marshalleck
    Dean, College of Natural and Social Sciences James P. Henderson
      Associate Dean Rennie B. Schoepflin
    Dean of Extended Studies and International Programs José L. Galván
        Assistant Dean Justin Cassity
        Associate Director of Academic Programs Joann Edmond
        Director, English Language Program Aaron B. W. Ostrom
        Director, International Office Amy Wang
        Managing Coordinator, Extension Programs Jeffrey Brandt
    Director, Honors College Michelle Hawley
    University Librarian Alice Kawakami
      Associate University Librarian Marla Peppers

Administration and Finance

Vice President for Administration and Chief Financial Officer Lisa Chavez
    Administrative Compliance Officer Jill Carnahan
  Associate Vice President for Administration and Finance/Financial Services Jose A. Gomez
    University Controller Thomas Leung
    Assistant University Controller Ann Harris
    Assistant Vice President for Administration and Finance and University Budget Director Mae M. Santos
    Environmental Health and Safety Officer/Risk Manager Kevin Brady
    Executive Director, University Auxiliary Services, Inc. Alma Sahagun
    Assistant Vice President, Human Resources Management Lisa M. Sanchez
    Director, Public Safety Joseph Curreri
    Director, Administrative Technology and Support Services Karen Melick
    Director, Facilities Services Randy Sharp
    Director, Facilities Planning and Construction Roger Christman
    Director, Housing Services Stephen Fleischer

Information Technology Services

Vice President and Chief Technology Officer Peter Quan
      Director, CMS and Enterprise Systems Bill Chang
       Associate Director, CMS and Enterprise Systems Michael Lee
      Manager, Database Technology Eric Her
      Director, IT Infrastructure Services Chris Rapp
      Assistant Director Network Operations Center, Servers and Technology Operations Robert Hoffmann
        Manager, Network and PBX Operations Arek Papelian
      Assistant Director, Baseline Services Jeff Cheam
      Director, IT Security and Compliance Sheryl Okuno

Institutional Advancement

Vice President for Institutional Advancement and Executive Director of the CSULA Foundation Kyle C. Button
  Assistant Vice President for University Development Collette Rocha
  Executive Director of Alumni Relations Maria Ubago (Interim)
  Executive Director of Public Affairs Nancy Miron

Student Affairs

Vice President for Student Affairs Anthony R. Ross
  Assistant Vice President, Student Services Nancy Wada-McKee
    Division Fiscal Resource & Operations Manager Matthew C. Warren
    Director, California Student Opportunity and Access Program (CAL-SOAP) Jorge Ortega
    Director, Educational Participation in Communities (EPIC) Jorge Uranga
    Director, Gear Up Marcelo Vazquez
    Judicial Affairs Officer Letycia Gomez
    Director and Chief Staff Physician, Student Health Center Monica Jazzabi, M.D.
    Director, Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) Rebecca Hopkins
    Director, Office for Students with Disabilities Kimberly Clapp
  University Registrar Joan V. Woosley
    Associate Registrar Chuck G. Mancillas
    Director, Career Development Center Christopher M. Lenz
    Director, Student Financial Aid Tamie Nguyen
    Associate Director, Student Financial Aid Rhoda Posey
    Director, Admissions and Recruitment and Orientation Vincent Lopez
    Director, Upward Bound Program Yara Jimenez

Student Government 

The Associated Students, Inc. (A.S.I.) is an incorporated non-profit student run auxiliary in which all students hold membership. A.S.I. is managed by a board of directors composed of elected student officers who are the officially recognized voice of the students. This body formulates policy and handles the business affairs of the student body.

 The purpose of A.S.I. is to provide opportunities for student involvement in campus governance and policy development. A.S.I. facilitates student leadership and participation in state and local politics, and serves as an official venue for the expression of student opinion. A.S.I. contributes to the educational, social, and cultural life of the university through programs and activities, featuring noted artists, films, and guest speakers. For more information go to

Advocacy Network Efforts

All Californians have a stake in maintaining a strong and accessible California State University system, in particular because 1 in every 10 employees of California’s workforce is a CSU graduate working in the agriculture, business, education, engineering, health care, media and entertainment field. 

Cal State L.A. has formed the CSULA Alumni Advocacy Committee to help promote public support for the CSU and CSULA.

The CSULA Alumni Advocacy Committee is comprised of alumni and leaders from the CSULA Community as well as current and former elected officials who have enthusiastically supported Cal State L.A. in the past. These volunteers are uniquely qualified as advocates because of their long-time association with Cal State L.A. and familiarity with campus issues.

Members of these groups receive periodic special newsletters concerning statewide bond measures and other issues on which they might become advocates. They also participate in campus visits by local elected officials and visit elected officials in their district offices. For information please call Maria Ubago, Acting Assistant Director, Alumni Relations at (323) 343-2586.

The CSULA Alumni Association

The CSULA Alumni Association was formed in 1954 to provide official representation of alumni in matters that affect the general welfare of the University. The Association serves as a vital link between the University and its alumni. The mission of the Association is:

To advance the welfare of CSULA by providing leadership and service that strengthens the connections among students, alumni and friends and enhances the value of their affiliation with the University

The CSULA Alumni Association is a nonprofit dues-paying membership organization open to alumni and friends of California State University, Los Angeles. To join the Alumni Association or to request information on getting involved please visit our website at or call us at (323) 343-ALUM.

CSULA Alumni Association Board of Directors

Executive Committee

  Carlos Illingworth, Jr. ’04         President
  Francisco Martinez ’02, ‘04   Vice President
  Jorge Ramirez ‘04   Past President
  Clark Mason II ‘94   Treasurer
  Marlene Carney ‘76   Secretary


  Fernando Campos ’01, ‘05    
  Fredy Ceja ’03, ‘08    
  Seble Gebremedhin    
  Sharon F. Grigsby ‘71    
  Andre Khachtourians ‘05    
  Ernie Lopez ‘04    
  Sylvia Martinez ’82, ’87, ‘98    
  Gary J. Matus ‘69    
  Dwight Nakata ’81, ‘09    
  Gary N. Sakaguchi ‘81    
  Jeremy White    
  Kyle Button    
  Maria Ubago    

The CSULA Foundation

The CSULA Foundation was organized in 1985 as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, nonprofit organization for the purpose of accepting charitable contributions to the University. The Foundation Board provides community expertise, oversight and advocacy to increase private giving to and manage the philanthropic assets of the University.

Foundation Board of Trustees

Carol Jackson             President
Alfred Lopez ‘83   Vice President
Jeanette L. Gordon ‘76   Secretary
Mae Santos   Treasurer
Elaine Draper   Faculty Representative
Leila Ricci   Faculty Representative
Jennipha-Lauren Nielsen ‘08   Student Representative
Michael J. Hagerthy ’74, ’78   Member
John Paul Isaacson   Member
Morris B. Jones ’71   Member
Tony K. Wong ’69, ’74   Member
James M. Rosser   Ex-Officio
Lisa Chavez   Ex-Officio
Kyle C. Button   Ex-Officio
Jorge Ramirez ‘04   Ex-Officio
Nancy Hunt   Ex-Officio
Frank M. Saito   Emeritus
Bob R. Adkins, ’72   Emeritus
Willard (Bill) Chamberlain   Emeritus
James P. Kelly   Emeritus
Frank Lynch   Emeritus
Roy L. Olofson   Emeritus