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University Catalog 2019-2020 
University Catalog 2019-2020 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Appendix C - Average Support Cost of Education and Source of Funds per Full-time Equivalent Student

The total support cost per full-time equivalent student (FTES) includes the expenditures for current operations, including payments made to students in the form of financial aid, and all fully reimbursed programs contained in state appropriations. The average support cost is determined by dividing the total cost by the number of FTES. The total CSU 2018/19 budget amounts were $3,627,143,000 from state General Fund (GF) appropriations and before adding $22.5 million CalPERS retirement adjustment, $2,479,020,000 from gross tuition revenue, and $639,084,000 from other fee revenues for a total of $6,745,247,000.  The 2018/19 resident FTES target is 364,131 and the nonresident FTES based on past-year actual is 24,416 for a total of 388,547 FTES. The GF appropriation is applicable to resident students only whereas fee revenues are collected from resident and nonresident students. FTES is determined by dividing the total academic student load (e.g. 15 units per semester) (the figure used here to define a full-time student’s academic load).

2018/19 Amount Average Cost
per FTES

State Appropriation (GF)1
Gross Tuition Revenue2
Other Fees Revenue2

Total Support Cost








1Represents state GF appropriation in the Budget Act of 2018/19; GF is divisible by resident students only (364,131 FTES).
2Represents CSU Operating Fund,
gross tuition and other fees revenue amounts submitted in campus August 2018/19 final budgets. Revenues are divisible by resident and nonresident students (388,574 FTES).

The 2018/19 average support cost per FTES based on GF appropriation and tuition revenue only is $16,341 and when including all three sources as indicated below is $17,986, which includes all fee revenue (e.g. tuition, application fees, and other campus mandatory fees) in the CSU Operating Fund. Of this amount, the average tuition and other fee revenue per FTES is $8,025.

The average CSU 2018/19 academic year, resident, undergraduate student basic tuition and other mandatory fees required to apply to, enroll in, or attend the university is $7,303 ($5,742 tuition fee plus $1,561 average campus-based fees). However, the costs paid by individual students will vary depending on campus, program, and whether a student is part-time, full-time, resident, or nonresident.