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University Catalog 2018-2019 
University Catalog 2018-2019 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Academic Department, Division, School and Program Offices - Listed by College

** When calling from off campus, dial area code 323, prefix 343, and the four-digit extension; from on campus, dial 3 and the four-digit extension.
* Because of construction and renovation, some offices may be housed elsewhere temporarily; however, the phone numbers remain the same.


Program Coordinator Department/Division Chair



Academic Affairs

Provost and Vice President Lynn Mahoney Adm 713 3-3800
  Vice Provost for Planning and Budget Amy Bippus Adm 715 3-3820
    Assistant Vice President, Institutional Effectiveness Sunny Moon Adm 710 3-2730
      Director, Institutional Effectiveness Mark Pavelchak Adm 710 3-2730
        Associate Director, Institutional Effectiveness Michele Dunbar Adm 702 3-2730
      Director, Business Operations Laila Asgari Adm 715 3-3802
      Director, Academic Facilities & Planning Parviz Partow-Navid Adm 715 3-3802
  Vice Provost for Enrollment Services Tom Enders Adm 702 3-3800
    Director, Admissions Vince Lopez Adm 237 3-3844
    Director, Financial Aid Tamie Nguyen SA 124 3-6260
    University Registrar Christopher Cobb Adm 401 3-3942
    Director, Academic Enrollment Management Technology Steven Salcido Adm 301-C 3-3241
  Vice Provost for Diversity and Engaged Learning and University’s Chief Diversity Officer for Academic and Student Life Octavio Villalpando Adm 713 3-3800
    Faculty/Special Assistant to the Provost for Diversity Initiatives Michael Soldatenko Adm 706 3-3846
    Senior Director, Center for Effective Teaching and Learning Catherine Haras FA 139 3-5607
    Senior Director, The Center for Engagement, Service, and the Public Good Taffany Lim CC LL 3-5421
    Director, Pathways Program Bianca Guzman BS 170 3-3382
    Associate Vice President and Dean, Graduate Studies  Karin Elliott-Brown LIB N A124 3-3820
      Director, Honors College Trinh Pham KH D1045 3-5969
     Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs Michael Caldwell Adm 707 3-3810
      Associate Vice President for Research Jeffrey Underwood LIB N 2026D 3-3793
      Director, Research, Scholarship, & Creative Activities Jason Shiotsugu LIB N 2026D 3-3799
    Associate Vice President and Dean, Undergraduate Studies Michelle Hawley Adm 725 3-3830
      Associate Dean, Undergraduate Studies Margaret Garcia Adm 725 3-3830
      Director, University Academic Advisement Center Kyle Behen Lib PW 1040A 3-3150
      Director, Center for Academic Success Andrew Long Lib PW 1062A 3-3970
      Director, University Testing Center Suzanne McEvoy Lib PW 2089 3-5100
      Director, University Tutorial Center Sneha Hamilton Lib S 1062A 3-3971
      Director, University Writing Center Iris Aceves Lib S 2097 3-5350
      Director, Smart Start Suzanne McEvoy LIB N 1034| 3-3184

College of Arts and Letters

Dean Linda Essig MUS 229 3-4001
  Associate Dean Kevin Baaske (Interim) MUS 230 3-4004
Art Rebecca Davis FA 328 3-4013
Communication Studies David Olsen MUS 104 3-4200
English Andrew Knighton E&T A604 3-4290
Liberal Studies (interdisciplinary program) Michael Willard E&T A405 3-4100
Modern Languages & Literatures Sachiko Matsunaga KH D1054 3-4230
Music Emily Moss MUS 127 3-4060
Philosophy Talia Bettcher E&T A423 3-4179
Television, Film, & Media Studies John Ramirez MUS 245 3-4207
Theatre & Dance Meredith Greenburg TA 110 3-4110

College of Business and Economics

Dean Rami Maysami ST F124 3-2800
  Associate Dean Angela Young ST F124 3-2800
  Associate Dean (Vacant) ST F124 3-2800
  Director, Student Services (Vacant) SH C256B 3-5262
  Advisement Center - Undergraduate (Vacant) SH C256B 3-5262
  Advisement Center - Graduate (Vacant) SH C256B 3-5156
Accounting Marianne James SH C256B 3-5156
Economics and Statistics Madhu Mohanty ST F517 3-5256
Finance, Law and Real Estate James Refalo ST F717 3-2846
Healthcare Management (program) Andre Avramchuk ST F707 3-2905
Information Systems Joseph Otto ST F517 3-5256
Management Kern Kwong ST F717 3-5256
Marketing Tyrone Jackson ST F908 3-2970

Charter College of Education

Dean Cheryl Ney KH D2069 3-4300
  Associate Dean Diane Fazzi KH D2070 3-4303
Applied and Advanced Studies in Education Ann Snow KH C2098 3-4332
Curriculum and Instruction Kimberly Persiani KH C2097 3-4350
Special Education and Counseling Holly Menzies KH C1064 3-4400

College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology

Dean Emily L. Allen E&T A236 3-4500
  Associate Dean Jane Dong E&T A236 3-4510
Civil Engineering Mark Tufenkjian E&T A241A 3-4450
Computer Science Raj Pamula E&T A324 3-6690
Electrical and Computer Engineering Fred Daneshgaran E&T A341 3-4470
Mechanical Engineering Nancy Warter-Perez E&T A205 3-4490
Technology Keith Mew E&T A337 3-4550

Rongxiang Xu College of Health and Human Services

Dean Ron Vogel FA 130 3-4600
  Associate Dean Evaon Wong-Kim (Inertim) FA 130 3-4600
 Child and Family Studies Kaveri Subrahmanyam E&T A535 3-4677
Communication Disorders Cari Flint KH B119 3-4693
Criminal Justice and Criminalistics Katharine Tellis HDFC244 3-4624
Kinesiology and Nutritional Science Ray De Leon PE 206 3-46508
Patricia A. Chin School of Nursing Gail Washington ST F417 3-4718
Public Health Walter Zelman ST F302 3-4740
Social Work Evaon Wong-Kim STF 816 3-4687
Robert L. Douglass Speech-Language and Cal State L.A. Hearing Clinics Cari Flint KH B119 3-4690

College of Natural and Social Sciences

Dean Pamela S. Johnson Rosser Hall 223 3-2000
  Associate Dean Nancy McQueen Rosser Hall 223 3-2000
  Associate Dean Hengchun Ye (Inertim) Rosser Hall 223 3-2000
Anthropology René Vellanoweth KH C4068 3-2148
Asian and Asian American Studies Jun Xing KH C4069 3-5775
Biological Sciences Robert Nissen BIO 143 3-2050
Chemistry and Biochemistry Alison McCurdy BS 336 3-2300
Chicana/o and Latina/o Studies Dolores Delgado Bernal KH C4069 3-2190
Geosciences and Environment Stephen Mulherin KH C4067 3-2220
History Mark Wild KH C4066 3-2020
Latin American Studies (interdisciplinary program) Ericka Verba KH C3003 3-2298
Mathematics Gary Brookfield ST F206 3-2153
Natural Sciences Program James Rudd    
Pan-African Studies Melina Abdullah KH C3095 3-2290
Physics and Astronomy Radi Jishi BS 140 3-2100
Political Science Michael McLendon E&T A524 3-2230
Psychology Sengi Hu KH C3103 3-2250
Sociology Roseann Giarrusso KH C3093 3-2200

College of Professional and Global Education

Dean                               Eric Bullard GE 211      3-4907
  Assistant to the Dean Wendy Torres GE 211 3-4907
  Associate Dean   Justin Cassity GE 211 3-4907
  Assistant to Associate Dean   Patty Lam GE 211 3-4907
Business Operations and Finance      
  Senior Director  Donny Hua GE 220B 3-4909
  Fiscal Analyst Michele K. Nakazawa GE 220B 3-4851
  Fiscal Coordinator Hieu Ngo GE 220B 3-4844
  Accounting Technician   Benito Amador GE 220B 3-4906
Marketing and Communications      
Director Lawrence Aldava GE 216 3-4914
   Communications Specialist Carolyn Aguayo GE 216 3-4969
   Graphic Designer Linda Thome-Loera GE 216 3-4964
Enrollment Services      
Enrollment Services Director  Jean Cruz USU 105 3-4900
  Registration Support   Jerri Shean USU 105 3-4951
  Registration Support   Jacqueline Lopez USU 105 3-5577
  Financial Aid Tom Lau USU 105 3-4905
Director Thomas Pokladowski GE 211 3-4967
  Program Developer   Anitra Bratcher GE  211 3-4917
  Program Developer Jennifer Custodio GE 215 3-4952
  Program Developer   Justin Rivas GE 215 3-4847
  Program Developer  Hope Velarde GE 215 3-4910
  Program Coordinator     Kathryn Martinez GE 215 3-4915
  Program Coordinator     Flora Wong GE 215 3-4922
International Office      
Director                                                       Amy Wang GE 217 3-3173
  Advisor/Special Events Coordinator Karina Diaz GE 217 3-3804
  Intake Assistant Turajha Moore  GE 217 3-3804
  Office Manager Soledad Hernandez GE 217 3-3172
  Study Abroad Adviser       Vacant GE 217 3-3169
  Student Advisor  Vacant GE 217 3-3167
  International Program Developer                           Becky Bishop GE 217 3-4845
  Admissions Liaison Tracey Truong GE 217 3-3170
  Faculty Director Tasha Willis GE 217 3-4953
English Language Program      
  Director                                                         Valerie Pierce GE 214 3-4846
  Associate Director Piers Armstrong GE 214 3-4856
  Student Services Advisor Elena Perez GE 214 3-4850
  Office Manager Chomnard Sornvai GE 214 3-4848

Cal State LA Downtown (DTLA)

  Front Desk     888-541-DTLA
  Executive Director Business Development Harkmore Lee  DTLA 213-358-6567
  Professional Advisor Jimmy Solis DTLA x612
  Financial Aid Assistant Tom Lau DTLA x622
  Accounting Technician LaChell Jones     DTLA x613
  Operations Specialist Luis Roldan DTLA x617

Honors College

Director Trinh Pham KH D1045 3-5969

Preprofessional Advisement

Health Science Programs (Premedical, predental, (preveterinary, prepharmacy, etc.) Robert Nissen Bio 258 3-2070
Prelegal Programs      
  Department of Finance and Law Maria Boss ST F717 3-2870
  Department of Philosophy Kayley Vernallis/David Pitt E&T A432 3-4180
  Department of Political Science Scott Bowman E&T A526 3-2248
  Department of Sociology Elaine A. Draper KHA3047 3-2299
  Pre-Physical Therapy Advisement Ray De Leon BS 310A 3-4855

University Library

University Librarian Carlos Rodriguez Lib N 3019 3-3929
  Associate University Librarian Marla Peppers Lib N 1025B 3-6094

** When calling from off campus, dial area code 323, prefix 343, and the four-digit extension; from on campus, dial 3 and the four-digit extension.
* Because of construction and renovation, some offices may be housed elsewhere temporarily; however, the phone numbers remain the same.