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University Catalog 2015-2016 (Final Quarter Catalog) 
University Catalog 2015-2016 (Final Quarter Catalog) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Academic Department, Division, School and Program Offices - Listed by College

** When calling from off campus, dial area code 323, prefix 343, and the four-digit extension; from on campus, dial 3 and the four-digit extension.
* Because of construction and renovation, some offices may be housed elsewhere temporarily; however, the phone numbers remain the same.


Program Coordinator Department/Division Chair



Academic Affairs

Provost and Vice President Lynn Mahoney Adm 713 3-3800
  Vice Provost for Planning and Budget Amy Bippus Adm 710 3-3820
    Dean, Graduate Studies  Karin Elliott-Brown Adm 710 3-3820
      Associate Dean Karin Elliott-Brown Adm 710 3-3820
      Director of Research and Development Jason Shiotsugu    
      Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs - Academic Personnel Philip S. LaPolt Adm 707 3-3810
      Director, Institutional Research Mark Pavelchak Adm 702 3-2730
              Associate Director, Institutional Research   Adm 702 3-2730
    Dean, Undergraduate Studies Michelle Hawley Adm 725 3-3830
      Associate Dean Margaret Garcia Adm 725 3-3830
      Director, University Academic Advisement Center Marcia Murota Lib PW 1040A 3-3150
      Director, University Testing Center Susan McEvoy Lib PW 2089 3-5100
      Director, University Tutorial Center Howard Masuda Lib S 1062A 3-3971
      Director, University Writing Center Lise Buranen (Acting) Lib S 2097 3-5350
      Director, First Year Experience and Learning Communities Melvin Donalson LIB N 1034| 3-3184

College of Arts and Letters

Dean Peter McAllister MUS 228 3-4001
  Associate Dean Lena Chao-Benedict MUS 231 3-4004
Art Mika Cho FA 328 3-4013
Communication Studies David Olsen MUS 104 3-4200
English James Garrett E&T A604 3-4290
Liberal Studies (interdisciplinary program) Patrick Sharp  E&T A405 3-4100
Modern Languages and Literatures Maria Dolores Costa KH D1054 3-4272
Music, Theatre, and Dance John Kennedy MUS 127 3-4060
Philosophy Kayley Vernallis E&T A432 3-4947
Television, Film, & Media Studies John Ramirez MUS 245 3-4207

College of Business and Economics

Dean James A. Goodrich ST F124 3-2800
  Associate Dean Edward W. T. Hsieh ST F124 3-2800
  Director, Student Services (Vacant) SH C256B 3-5262
  Advisement Center - Undergraduate (Vacant) SH C256B 3-5262
  Advisement Center - Graduate (Vacant) SH C256B 3-5156
Accounting Kathryn Hansen SH C256B 3-5156
Economics and Statistics Miles Finney ST F517 3-2830
Finance and Law James Refalo ST F717 3-2846
Healthcare Management (program) Andre Avramchuk ST F707 3-2905
Information Systems Nanda Ganesan ST F603 3-2978
Management Angela Young ST F717 3-5256
Marketing Tyrone Jackson ST F908 3-2970

Charter College of Education

Dean Cheryl Ney KH D2069 3-4300
  Associate Dean Diane Fazzi KH D2070 3-4303
Applied and Advanced Studies in Education Anne Hafner KH C2098 3-4332
Curriculum and Instruction Frederick Uy KH C2097 3-4353
Special Education and Counseling Holly Menzies (Acting) KH C1064 3-4400

College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology

Dean Emily L. Allen E&T A236 3-4500
  Associate Dean Benjamin Lee E&T A236 3-4510
Civil Engineering Rupa Purasinghe E&T A212 3-4450
Computer Science Raj Pamula E&T A324 3-6690
Electrical and Computer Engineering Fred Daneshgaran E&T A341 3-4470
Mechanical Engineering Darrell Guillaume E&T A205 3-4490
Technology Keith Mew E&T A337 3-4550

College of Health and Human Services

Dean Ron Vogel (Interim) FA 130 3-4600
  Associate Dean Farrell Webb FA 130 3-4600
Child and Family Studies Rita Ledesma E&T A535 3-4590
Communication Disorders Edward Klein KH B119 3-4690
Criminal Justice and Criminalistics Denise Herz HDFC244 3-4625
Kinesiology and Nutritional Science Nazareth Khodiguian PE 206 3-4650
Nursing Cynthia Hughes ST F417 3-4700
Public Health Walter Zelman ST F302 3-4740
Social Work Dale Weaver STF 816 3-4680
Robert L. Douglass Speech-Language and Cal State L.A. Hearing Clinics Cari Flint KH B119 3-4690

College of Natural and Social Sciences

Dean Scott R. Bowman (Interim) KH D1052 3-2000
  Associate Dean Nancy McQueen(Acting) KH D1051 3-2012
Anthropology René Vellanoweth KH C4068 3-2148
Asian and Asian American Studies (interdisciplinary program) Ping Yao KH C4069 3-5775
Biological Sciences Robert Nissen BIO 143 3-2050
Chemistry and Biochemistry Robert Vellanoweth BS 336 3-2300
Chicano Studies David Diaz KH C4069 3-2190
Geosciences and Environment Hengchun Ye KH C4067 3-2220
History Cheryl Koos KH C4066 3-2020
Latin American Studies (interdisciplinary program) Beth Baker-Cristales KH B3006 3-2180
Mathematics Grant Fraser ST F206 3-2150
Pan-African Studies Melina Abdullah KH C3095 3-2290
Physics and Astronomy Oscar Bernal PS 315 3-2100
Political Science Greg Andranovich E&T A524 3-2230
Psychology Sengi Hu KH C3103 3-2250
Sociology Gretchen Petterson KH C3093 3-2200

College of Professional and Global Education

Dean                               Eric Bullard GE 211      3-4907
  Assistant to the Dean Wendy Torres GE 211 3-4907
  Associate Dean   Justin Cassity GE 211 3-4907
  Assistant to Associate Dean   Patty Lam GE 211 3-4907
Business Operations and Finance      
  Senior Director Donny Hua GE 220B 3-4909
     Fiscal Analyst Violet Salcido GE 220B 3-4851
     Fiscal Coordinator Vacant GE 220B  
Marketing and Communications      
     Director Vacant  GE 216  
         Graphic Designer Linda Thome-Loera GE 216 3-4969
Enrollment Services      
  Enrollment Services Director       Jean Cruz USU 105 3-4900
  Registration Support   Jerri Shean USU 105 3-5913
  Registration Support   Malyna Hak USU 105 3-5577
Program Area      
Director Thomas Pokladowski GE 211 3-4967
   Manager             Jeff Brandt GE  215 3-4847
  Program Developer Alice Gutierrez GE 215 3-4916
  Program Developer   Judy Impiccini GE 215 3-4911
  Program Developer  Erika Valdez GE 215 3-4910
  Office Manager Angela Gee GE 215 3-4915
International Office      
   Director                                                       Amy Wang GE 217 3-3173
  Assistant to the Director Kathy Numoto GE 217 3-3804
  Int. Program Developer Becky Bishop GE 217 3-3170
  Office Manager Soledad Hernandez GE 217 3-3172
  Int. Adm. Liaison Tracey Troung GE 217 3-3170
  Immigration Counselor   Wai Fun “Christina” Wong GE 217 3-3167
  Study Abroad Adviser   Vacant GE 217 3-3169
English Language Program      
  Director                                                         Aaron B. W. Ostrom GE 214 3-4840
  Associate Director Piers Armstrong GE 214 3-4856
  Student Services Coordinator Elena Perez GE 214 3-4840
  Office Manager Vacant GE 214 3-4840
  Adm. Assistant Londa Davis GE 214 3-4840

Honors College

Director Trinh Pham KH D1045 3-5969

Preprofessional Advisement

Health Science Programs (Premedical, predental, (preveterinary, prepharmacy, etc.) Robert Nissen Bio 258 3-2070
Prelegal Programs      
  Department of Finance and Law Maria Boss ST F717 3-2870
  Department of Philosophy Kayley Vernallis/David Pitt E&T A432 3-4180
  Department of Political Science Scott Bowman E&T A526 3-2248
  Department of Sociology Elaine A. Draper KHA3047 3-2299
  Pre-Physical Therapy Advisement Ray De Leon BS 310A 3-4855

University Library

University Librarian Alice Kawakami Lib N B537B 3-3954
  Associate University Librarian Marla Peppers Lib N B529A 3-3929

** When calling from off campus, dial area code 323, prefix 343, and the four-digit extension; from on campus, dial 3 and the four-digit extension.
* Because of construction and renovation, some offices may be housed elsewhere temporarily; however, the phone numbers remain the same.