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Semester Catalog 2020-2021 (Final Version) 
Semester Catalog 2020-2021 (Final Version)

Education, M.A.: Option in Reading (Program Suspended, 2020-2021)

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For admission to the program, applicants must:

  1. Meet the university requirements for admission to graduate study,
  2. Have a 3.0 or higher grade point average in their last 60 semester (or 90 quarter) units attempted, and 
  3. Candidates who wish to teach in preK-12 public schools must have a Multiple Subject or Single Subject Teaching Credential or equivalent. For information on how to earn these credentials, see Office of Student Services in King Hall D2078 and/or visit the Charter College of Education website.

Requirements for the Degree (30-33 units)
A minimum of 30 units is required, including at least 15 in 5000-level courses. Students must pass an examination or submit a thesis or project.

Required Courses (21 units)
EDCI 5210 - Research in Teaching Reading, Writing, and Related Language Arts (3)
EDCI 5220 - Literacy Assessment and Instruction (3)
EDCI 5230 - Advanced Writing Assessment and Instruction in Schools (3)
EDCI 5400 - Reading and WritingClinical Practicum (3)
EDCI 5410 - Field Work in Reading, Writing and Related Language Arts (3)
EDCI 5490 - Developing English Reading/Language Arts Skills in Bilingual/Cross-Cultural Individuals (3)
EDFN 5000 - Research Methods in Education (3)

EDFN 5050 - Seminar in Qualitative Research in Education (3)

Directed Electives (3 units)
Select from the following:

EDCI 5270 - Issues and Trends in the Use of Children’s Literature and Digital Technologies (3)
EDCI 5240 - Advanced Literacy Assessment and Instruction (3)
EDEL 5250 - Reading, Writing and Related Language Arts Across the Curriculum (3)
EDCI 5330 - Children’s and Adolescents’ Reading Materials in Spanish and Other Languages (3)

Suggested Electives (0-6 units):
To complete the 30 minimum units, select, with advisor approval, additional classes from the directed electives above, or any of the following:

EDCI 5130 - Reading as a Cognitive Process (3)
EDCI 5350 - Teaching for Cross-Cultural and Global Awareness (3)
EDCI 5370 - Teacher Leadership in the Urban School: Issues, Trends, and New Directions (3)
EDCI 5600 - Principles and Practices of Curriculum in Urban Schools (3)
EDEL 4120 - Emergent Literacy (3)
EDCI 4270 - Current Topics in Multicultural Children’s Literature (3)
EDFN 3520 - Applied Statistics (3)
EDSP 4010 - Cognitive, Linguistic and Literacy Processes in Individuals with Special Needs (3)
EDUC 4000 - Improving Academic Literacy (3)
ENGL 4101 - Introduction to English Linguistics (3) also listed as
ANTH 4710 - Introduction to Linguistics (3)
ENGL 4880 - Children’s Literature (3)
TESL 4000 - Linguistics in Language Education (3)
TESL 5600 - Theories of Teaching and Learning Second Languages (3)

Comprehensive Examination or Thesis or Project (0, 4 units)

EDCI 5960 - Comprehensive Examination (0)

EDCI 5990A - Thesis Planning (2) * and
EDCI 5990B - Thesis (2)

EDCI 5995A - Project Planning (2) and
EDCI 5995B - Project (2) **

Students should expect to take the Comprehensive Examination (EDCI 5960) during the Fall or Spring semester after they complete all coursework on their program and must comply with college and division requirements. Under special circumstances, and with prior approval from their M.A. program coordinator, students may take EDCI 5400 OR EDCI 5410 during the semester they take their comprehensive examination.

*Students who do a thesis are required to obtain advisor approval.

**May be repeated once for credit.

A California Reading and Language Arts Specialist Credential and/or a California Reading Certificate and/or a Postsecondary Reading Certificate can be earned concurrently with this M.A. by completing a specific route through this program.

For admission to the program(s) and for information on how to earn a Reading and Language Arts Specialist Credential and/or a Reading Certificate and/or CSULA Postsecondary Reading Certificate issued by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing concurrently with an M.A. in Education: Option in Reading, see a faculty member who advises for the programs. A list of these faculty members and their office hours is available in King Hall C2097.

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