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    California State University, Los Angeles
  Jan 16, 2018
University Catalog 2012-2013 (ARCHIVED CATALOG) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Business Administration, B.S.

A total of 180 units is required for the Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, of which 100-108 units are in the major. All degree candidates must complete 72 units in courses outside the College of Business and Economics.

Requirements for the Major (100-108 units)

All options require a common core of 72 units of lower and upper division courses in the College of Business and Economics. In addition, each student with upper division standing completes one of the following options:


Department or Program

 Accounting  Dept. of Accounting
 Business Arts–Prelegal  Dept. of Finance and Law
 Business Economics  Dept. of Economics and Statistics
 Entrepreneurship  Prog. in Entrepreneurship
 Finance  Dept. of Finance and Law
 Human Resources Mgmt  Dept. of Management
 International Business  Prog. in International Business
 Management  Dept of Management
 Marketing Management  Dept. of Marketing
 Operations Mgmt  Dept. of Management
 Real Estate  Dept. of Finance and Law
 Retailing  Department of Marketing
 Special Business  Interdisciplinary Progs. in Business


Core Requirements (72 units)

Select one from the following as specified by the student’s option:

Discipline Skills Requirement

In addition, all students must complete a 4-unit skills course specified by their option.

Options (28–36 units, including a 4-unit skills course)

All departmental and program information will be found in the corresponding section on the Academic Programs  page.