Mar 31, 2020  
Semester Catalog 2019-2020 
Semester Catalog 2019-2020

Minor in Comparative and Applied Linguistics and Literacy Studies

This minor is comprised of courses from departments in three colleges: A&L, HHS, and the CCOE. The array of courses offers intellectual stimulation and meets professional demands. Intellectually, the minor allows students to explore major components of modern linguistics: phonetics/phonology, morpho-syntax, sociolinguistics, applied linguistics, and historical linguistics.. Professionally, for students interested in teaching, the minor provides valuable expertise in language skills; for those interested in writing careers, the minor provides opportunities to analyze and create discourse.

Requirements for the Minor (18 units)

Choose one course from each of the following areas:


With the major department’s approval, courses that satisfy requirements in this minor may also be used to satisfy major or general education requirements.