Jan 29, 2020  
University Catalog 2018-2019(ARCHIVED CATALOG) 
University Catalog 2018-2019(ARCHIVED CATALOG) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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ART 1520 - Survey and Studio: Introduction to Ceramics

Human development and the arts as experienced through ceramics. Personal exploration within the context of a historical and cultural survey. Lecture 1 hours, activity 4 hours.

Students with disabilities unable to access the University ceramics lab in the Fine Arts building must request a reasonable accommodation from the Office for Students with Disabilities ideally two weeks in advance of the class start date. The Office for Students with Disabilities will coordinate with other University units to provide reasonable accommodations for students who require assistance, including but not limited to accessing the kilns, potter’s wheels, and sinks, plus providing any other equipment or assistance needed to participate in the class.


C-ID ARTS 230:
The University course listed above articulates with any California Community College (CCC) course that is approved by the C-ID program and given the corresponding “C-ID Course” designation listed here. The articulation is one-way articulation, meaning the approved community college course will articulate for the indicated course credit at the four-year university. Articulation does NOT apply from the four-year institution to the community college or between the four-year institutions.


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