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University Catalog 2015-2016 “Final Quarter Catalog” (ARCHIVED CATALOG) 
University Catalog 2015-2016 “Final Quarter Catalog” (ARCHIVED CATALOG) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Other University Offices and Services

With Office and Telephone Numbers

**When calling from off campus, dial area code 323, prefix 343, and the four-digit extension; from on campus, dial 3 and the four-digit extension.
*Due to construction and renovation, some offices may be housed elsewhere temporarily; however, the phone numbers remain the same.

Office/Department or Service Location * Phone**

Academic Advisement

  Business and Economics Advisement Center SH 256B  
         Business Graduate SH 256B 3-5156
    Business Undergraduate SH 256B 3-2810
  Education Graduate Studies Office KH D2070 3-4303
    Teacher Credential Programs KH D2078 3-4342
  Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology Advisement Center E&T A406 3-4527
  Honors Advisement  KH D 1045 3-5973
  Undeclared Majors LIB PW 1040A 3-3150
  University Academic Advisement Center LIB PW 1040A 3-3150
Admissions Information (Applications and Transcripts) SA 101 3-3901
Alumni Relations USU 102 3-ALUM/3-2586
Associate Dean’s Office of the College of Education KH D2070 3-4303
Robert L. Douglass Speech-Language and Cal State L.A. Hearing Clinics KH B119 3-4690
Associated Students, Inc (ASI), Student Service Center USU 105 3-4780
Associated Students, Inc (ASI) Administration Offices USU 203 3-4778
Athletics, Intercollegiate PE 104 3-3080
  Results/Scores Hotline PE 212 3-3198
  Sports Information, Director PE 212 3-5308
Bookstore, University Golden Eagle 3-2500
California Reading and Literature Project LIB PW 1053 3-5116
California Student Opportunity and Access Program (CAL-SOAP) KH D147 3-3180
Campus Operator LIB PW 1083 3-3000
Campus Tours/ Orientation SA 106 3-3175
Career Counseling  Career Center 3-3283
Career Development Center Career Center 3-3237
Cashier/Disbursement Office Adm 128/Adm 131 3-3630
Center for Student Financial Aid SA 124 3-6260
Child Care Center, Anna Bing Arnold 2301 N. Levanda Ave 3-2470
College Office of:    
      Arts and Letters  Music 228 3-4001
     Business and Economics  ST F124 3-2800
     Charter College of Education  KH D2069 3-4300
     Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology  E&T A236 3-4500
     Extended Studies and International Programs  GE 211 3-4907
     Health and Human Services  FA 130 3-4600
     Natural and Social Sciences  ASC, Wing B, 223 3-2000
     Honors College  KH D1045 3-5969
Community Engagement (Honors College)  KH D1045 3-5969
Community Service Learning (EPIC) Career Center lower level 3-3380
Counseling (personal/Appointment Desk Health Center 3-3302
Credential Information KH D2078 3-4320
CSULA Foundation Admin 809 3-3060
Development, University Adm 802 3-3075
Disabilities, Office for Students with Adm 127 3-3140/ (TDD) 3-3139
Early Entrance Program (EEP) KH D140 3-2287
Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) SA 215 3-4367
Educational Participation in Communities (EPIC) Career Center lower level 3-3380
Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology Resource Strategic Initiative E&T A241A 3-5604
English Language Program (ELP) GE 211 3-4840
Enrollment Services Adm 146 3-3900
Equity and Diversity, Office for Adm 606 3-3040
Extended Studies and International Programs, College of (ELP, International Programs, Extension Programs, Special Sessions, Open University) Golden Eagle 211 3-4900
Financial Aid, Student (Center for Student Financial Aid) SA 124 3-6260
GEAR UP (Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Program) KH D145 3-6080
Gender and Sexuality Center U-SU 206 3-3370
Golden Eagle, Service Center GE 220.1 3-6800
Graduate Studies and Research Adm 710 3-3820
Health Careers Advisement Office (Pre-Health professional fields) BS 106, 110 3-6062
Health Services Student Health Center 3-3300
Honors College (Community Engagement, Early Entrance Program, Honors Advisement, National Student Exchange) KH D1045 3-5969
Housing Services Housing 3-4800
Information Technology Services Lib PW 1070 3-2600
Institutional Advancement Adm 809 3-3060
Open Access Labs (OAL)    
  Simpson Tower Annex Link ST Annex E191 3-2595
  ECS&T Computer Link E&T C255 3-3852
  King Hall Link KH D151 3-5836
  Salazar Hall Link SH C358 3-5364
  Union Link  U-SU 104 3-2757
International Office SA 115 3-3170
IT Security and Compliance Lib PW 1070 3-2600
ITS Help Desk Lib PW Lobby 3-6170
ITS Training Program  Lib PW 4056 3-5369
Judicial Affairs SA 117 3-3103
Leadership Programs    
  Student leadership programs U-SU 204 3-5110
Library (Reference and Information) LIB N first floor 3-4927
Luckman Fine Arts Complex (Theatre and Fine Arts Gallery) Gallery 3-6611
Music and Media Center LIB N third floor 3-4092
National Student Exchange (Honors College) KH D1045 3-5969
Office for Research and Development GE 314 3-5366
Office for Students with Disabilities Adm 127 3-3140/(TDD) 3-3139
Orientation, University SA 105 3-3195
Outreach and Recruitment (Includes campus tours) SA 123 3-3839
Performing Arts Box Office, College of Arts and Letters State Playhouse 3-4118
Police, University Public Safety 3-3700
Public Affairs Adm 819 3-3050
Records Office Adm 409 3-3840
Registrar’s Office Adm 401 3-3940
Registration Office (Enrollment Services) Adm 146 3-3900
Research and Sponsored Programs GE 314 3-5366
Scholarships and Work-Study SA 124 3-6260
Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Education (STEM-Ed)  KH D1044 3-3817
Sports Information Office PE 212 3-5308
Student Affairs, Vice President for SA 108 3-3100
Student Financial Services (Cashiers/Financial Aid Disbursements) Adm 128 3-3630
Student Information Center (Includes preadmission counseling) SA 101 3-3921
Students Learning in Communities (SLC) Program LIB PW 1062 3-3184
Study Abroad SA 115 3-3170
Testing Center LIB PW 2098 3-3160
Tutorial Center LIB PW 1039 3-3971
Upward Bound KH D150 3-3238
Undergraduate Studies Adm 725 3-3830
Veterans’ Affairs SA 122 3-5080
Writing Center LIB PW 2097 3-5350